Bit The Bullet

My Magic Bullet bit the bullet this morning.  I had to make an emergency Target run to get a new one.  I ended up getting a Rocket Blender and I LOVE it!  It’s even less noisy.  Bonus, it’s half the price.

Besides that happening I dropped my euro sealer on my toe this morning 😦  So on top of the groin now I have a freaking blood blister.

gpa's 012

I don’t think it’ll need amputated.


I made some cake batter oats this morning!  All I can say is another WOW!  Party in my mouth!


Despite all these injuries i’m still pushing through!  Without painkillers I may add 😉  I’m one tough stubborn person!


Mike and I did our nightly chiropractic visit last night.  This means we walk on each others back.  He told me i’m getting too light.  So I picked up Boomer…another 60 lbs.  We almost broke him 🙂



  1. I want one of those blenders! They seem so cool how they are like personal drink makers!

    How much was that protein powder? It sounds good!

  2. ana

    april did you have to add the toe pic !!! 🙂 LOL!!!

    i ant a magic bullet cant afford it 😦

  3. My MB bit the bullet a month ago, and I still haven’t replaced it. I saw that there’s a new one!! MB on roids, perhaps? Hahaha. I’m gonna check out that Rocket.

    WTF is up with the blenders and pornographic names? or am I just that big of a perv? 😀

    Hope your toe and groin feels better soon!

  4. Sorry about your grandpa. I am just getting caught up. 98 is a nice old age though. My hat is off to him! I’m sure it’s tough for your dad. Losing a parent is really hard.

    Anyway – your pix look fantastic! I think you are in the best shape ever before a comp. And you have been in fantastic comp shape in the past. WTG!

  5. and..headheads are more sensitive then others so power to you girl. You are VERY strong..and stubborn:)

    I need to get myself a mini blender.

  6. peanutbutterfingers

    isn’t the rocket blender great!? i have it too & loooove savin’ the $$$.

    i’m so glad you liked the cake batter oats! they are super tasty & seem like a total treat. great way to start the day. 🙂 enjoy your weekend!

  7. 1) Thanks for the tip on the Rocket blender! I have desperately wanted a magic bullet and couldn’t justify forking over the dough!

    2) I have cake batter Muscle Milk and love the stuff. Usually hate the oatmeal/pp thing, but DH loves it. Will have to give it a 2nd shot.

    3) You read an awful lot of Orlando people! (I recognized the Winter Park direction scribble on the link! LOL) I think that means that you are supposed to move here. 😉

    • If we could sell our house we’d move there in a heartbeat!

  8. Margarita

    Oh, thanks for the reviews on the rocket blender!!! I was eyeing it too at Target because my Magic Bullet is about to go “kaput”… I was hesitatant to buy cuz my stupid mind always thinks “if it’ cheap, it’s gonna break in a week!” LOL It is almost 2x cheaper than the Bullet and I went thru two of those already. Gotta go from bullet to rocket! I guess I am insatiable! 😉 hehe

    Don’t you hate hurting toes? (at first I thought it’s your finger, man. You have long toes! LOL) On this note – don’t show me the finger!



  9. Yeah, I decided to drop the show for several reasons including the main one being my calves/ankles just not being able to take the running and large amounts of cardio. I was dealing with the pain until the pain got to the point where I was literally having to limp while running (not a good thing). So, I’m out this entire season. I think it’s working out for the best because now I’m lean and in great shape and I’m going to maintain it until I compete again. No more off season for me. I’m going to slack off on cardio for a while just to make sure my tendonitis or whatever it is has a chance to heal. It’s been three months of agony and a lot of excedrine back/body which is not good for me. Plus it was burning my stomach. So–this is a sign to take it easy and enjoy my move to Seattle. I’ve got a lot to take care of in the career/law school department so it’s not a bad decision any way you look at it. I am disappointed to not do one last show since I’m leaving Indiana but honestly–I have to take care of myself. This is how I hurt myself in the military during training–didn’t listen to my body. But now, I’m going to! :o) I’m going to enjoy the time left over with my family. Just so you know I’m actually flying to Seattle November 2nd to start my career search and to finish my law school application(s). All is great! I feel good about my choices. April I think we need to hang out one last time before I move! Okay? Let me know when you’re free the week prior to halloween.

    Also, I’m going to send you some Marionberry stuff, it’s delicious…I can’t wait to see how you like it. I’ll send it the week after I get there because the market is only on Saturdays! That’s where we buy it from. I’m so excited to be with Sean again…its making me just realize that life can be so awesome! I’ve created this life for myself too with minimal help from anyone and you know it’s a great feeling! I think those of us who have a harder time achieving things appreciate them more and feel better about ourselves…don’t you girls?

    Ciao ya’ll. Sorry I’m not competing with you this year. I really apologize but I just cannot destroy my body. :o)

  10. Aw. I hope it heals soon. 😦

    But on the brighter side, haha, ain’t that broken bullet a blessing in disguise!

  11. That’s your toe??? Seriously…it looks like one of my fingers! No fair!!! I have toes/feet that could wear the card board boxes better than the shoes that come in them. Short stumpy toes! I was called Fred Flinstone feet a lot! lol

    I feel your pain though…the other day I dropped my stainless steel scissors on my toe. The point came down perfectly on the corner of my nail and drove itself in. There was blood everywhere! The boys were freaking out. It WAS quite painful! Luckily no amputation was necessary either! 🙂

  12. That is the same one I have! Had it for years, I love it!!
    Ps. Cute toes.

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