3 Weeks

I have 3 weeks to go until this:


Bonus:  Food Network is having a chocolate special this morning 🙂  I don’t normally watch Nigella but dang she can cook some brownies.  She licks the spoon too!  AWESOME!



  1. Chocolate specials all morning on Food Network 😀

  2. Ohmigosh I LOVE this pic. So adorable. And I bought some cake batter protein last night! I could only find it in the 5lb tub. If I am not a fan, I may send it your way.

    • I think you’ll like it…if not i’ll i’m in luck LOL!

  3. I LOVE NIGELLA. That woman is just ALL WOMAN isn’t she? I mean, she’s gorgeous. And she’s clearly not about diet food or working out but I just love her. I have all her cookbooks and I’d have to say, she’s one of the “celebrities” I’d love to meet.
    Serious Food Porn.

  4. haha I wouldn’t know what to do if I walked in on that picture!! haha

  5. fsegbefia

    HAHAHAHAH! Ewww, it’s on his diaper and looks like poo!

  6. PB wrestling…awesome!

  7. jhahaha the mental image of you covered in PB head to toe sitting on your kitchen floor is priceless

  8. OMG. This picture is cute but totally disgusting. It does look like baby poo! EUW.

    Love Nigella. Kelly is right on – Nigella is all woman! (love that!) I also love Giada. I would trade place with either one of them in a heartbeat.

    How is your new Rachael Ray cookware working out? Are you using it? ha!ha!

    • I use it ALL the time and absolutely LOVE it!!!!

  9. oh man that kid sure does love his peanut butter haha.

  10. Margarita

    That pictures is almost gross… LOL

    Speaking of peanut butter… I decided to try “Better’N’Peanut Butter” last Friday because the comany sold me on the low fat/calorie content of the product… well, it tasted like ASS!!! YUCK! I would NEVER EVER get this crap again. Screw the low fat and calorie content… it left me LESS satisfied due to lack of taste. I am still shuddering just thinking about it. Whoever like this crap – more power to ya! LOL I’ll stick with the real stuff. 😉

  11. peanutbutterfingers

    LOL that sounds AMAAAAAAZING!

  12. dieann

    I will never eat PB again!!!

  13. Ew that pic is gross to me b/c the baby is in a diaper and it makes me think it’s diarreah. I think almond butter would have been better.

    I still need to try Better ‘n Peanut butter. Margarita, you make me laugh! I want to try it for myself…but I am thinking I might not like it, either. I Do love PB2 powdered stuff though, so idk…Margarita, try that!! it also boasts super low cals and fat and to me, it’s very tasty!

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