Moan and Groan


Usually when I read blogs i’m drooling at the food you all are eating.  Yes even the cottage and fruit.  Now all of a sudden i’m so jealous of your cardio sessions!!  This walking thing is for the birds.  Not to mention the side of my right knee is starting to hurt from putting more weight on it.  I’m like an old woman and yes I smell like Tiger Balm 24/7.  😀

I’ve noticed my legs muscles are HUGE…for me anyway.  I think it is because I can’t run and lean them out so they are just getting bigger.  Oh well, at least they’re not fat anymore.  Weight was still about 115.  It takes me some time to get to 114 and then 112 and then the week of the show I drop like 5 lbs.  So i’m worried but then im not.


Yesterday I was so bloated and gassy it was disgusting.  When your own brand makes you gag you know it’s bad.  I think it may be the All The Whey cake batter?  It’s the only thing i’ve changed besides  using some flax meal here and there.  Maybe too much fiber?  Who knows, my body is crazy sometimes.  I was out of chia seeds so I ran out to get them.  I think they help my insides.


The weather is so nice here and i’m taking Boomer to Squirrell Park tomorrow hobbling or not.  She deserves it.  I think i’ll take my lunch and sit at a picnic table and enjoy the leaves….ahhhh….the smell of leaves.


This never gets old.

What are you guys doing in there?

What are you guys doing in there?

I could take this picture over and over again all day long.

Oh as if I haven’t complained enough my unemployment ran out today.  I had to file for an extension.  So i’ll be 1 week without my measily pay ugh…


Here’s to hoping my legs get this skinny again!



What is the one thing you dislike about yourself that no one else notices, but you think sticks out like a sore thumb?  For me it’s my love handles.



  1. Have you ever done any posts that describe what sort of diet you are on for your competitions?? I’m curious to know!

    Re: your Q… for me i’d have to say its my thighs!

  2. Julie

    Saddlebags. Yuck!

  3. OMG for me it’s my legs! I swear I have thunder thighs and they are just so disproportionate to the rest of my body 😦 I guess no one else notices, either that or they’re too nice to say anything lol!

    What did you do for that comp to lean your legs out? Just overall diet leaned you out everywhere and the legs followed? My legs are the VERY last place to ever drop weight. With all this muscle I’m building with BFL I feel like they are just getting huge!

    • Yes, the diet is tough and I get lean with it. 2 hours of cardio on top of that is always a sure way to get lean thighs 😉 LOL!

  4. Margarita

    My stomach! 😦 I used to always have a flat belly and now this is the first thing that gets fat/bloated and it shows big time. I HATE it! Makes me really self-aware of this area… Many times my abdomen is the reason why my pants would not fit!!! Grrrr Never thought I would have this problem!!! However, this is the first thing to go/slim down when I start eating right and train consistently. My ass is the second hated area of my body. Even when I do get skinny, my ass sticks out and looks HUGE to me… 😦

    How pathetic are we? 😛 Aren’t we supposed to love ourselves no matter what????

    OK – IlovemyassIlovemyassIlovemyassIlovemyassIlovemyassIlovemyassIlovemyassIlovemyassIlovemyassIlovemyass


  5. Running leans out your legs?? I always thought it bulked them up!

    I don’t like my love handles either.. everyone claims I don’t have any but whatever!!

    • Running leans mine out for sure!

      The accumulated fat bulks them up 😉

  6. My cankles. I have them year round. I have always been jealous of girls that have visible ankle bones and a tendon that goes down their leg into the back of their heel. Mine are tree stumps.

    Dude, I’m gassy too. I took whey out of my diet so I know it’s not that…I blame the egg whites.

    • Ok I’m going to slap all of us in the face…via the computer! Typical women lol. We are all like the girls in Mean Girls looking in the mirror pointing out our flaws!!

  7. thighs and butt 😉 But you already knew that! LOL!

  8. Your thighs look skinny to me!!!

  9. shanon

    Back fat…so gross! I’m petite with a small trunk so I always complain about the area from just below my ribs to my tummy pouch all 360 degrees. Gotta get off the sugar to get rid of it. UGH!

  10. Abbu

    Hey April, thanks for letting me know you like the soy sauce. I should have known you’ve had it 🙂 My cousin is just like you, she loves the ACV. She’s been taking it for a long time and says it really helped her skin look better. I tried it as dressing, but the only way I like it is to cook with it.

    BTW, you look really good! Becca’s suit looks great on you!

  11. Abby

    Hi April, thanks for letting me know you like the soy sauce. I should have known that you’ve had it 🙂 My cousin is just like you, she loves the ACV. She’s been using it for a long time and says her skin looks better. I’ve tried to use it as salad dressing, but the only way I like it is to cook with it.

    BTW, you look really good. Becca’s suit looks great on you!

  12. Jessica

    My thighs. I always have, and I’m ok with them now that I’ve leaned out, but I have goals for after the show to continue working on them. I want to change the shape of them, which I can still do without training for a comp!!

  13. April…that GROIN pic made me but a gut! Awesome! I slightly pulled mine and that was not so awesome!

    Running leans the legs for sure..sprints baby! My legs are thicker than they have been for a while….grumble. I was looking at pics from when i was with T and the 3 day walk. They were mighty skinny…

    You will reach your goal April…you always do!


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