Well Hello There!

We had another dog for about 20 mins today.  Mike went out for a run and brought this back:

Love 002

His name is Sammy and he was a sweet little dog.  Sweet with the exception that he did NOT like Boomer.  I had to hold him the whole time.  Boomer just wanted to play but little Sammy was out for blood.  I called his mommy and she sent her son on his bike to come and get him.  They live a few housing additions down the road. 


I made and ate some cookies today.  They were so good and the big T man told me I could enjoy them with some extra oats WOO!  It’s getting down to the wire now!  I just wish I could bust out some good cardio sessions grrrr….Regardless my diet is perfect and i’m getting leaner so I guess I shouldn’t complain.  


I got a goody package in the mail today!  Of course I have to wait but Mike tried one after his run.  I’ll write more tomorrow 😀


Tip of the Day thank to Rachael Ray:  Put your plastic wrap in the freezer and it won’t get all static clingy.

Quote of the Day:  Put on your PJ’s cause you’re dreamin’….Lisa Turtle, Save By The Bell



  1. intheskinny

    Snazy Rachel Ray tip.

  2. Julie

    Love the Rachel Ray tip!

  3. haha i love lisa turtle. and that dog is a cutie! too bad you couldnt keep him!

  4. aw that dog is cutie! hehe Love the Lisa Turtle quote – and GREAT tip, i’ve never heard that!

  5. Cute doggie! Too bad he and Boomer couldn’t get along.

    Great tip from Rachel Ray too!

  6. I always wanna keep the animals I find but sadly I can’t! although we did keep the turtle we found crossing the road..haha!

    You should post a day of eats sometime.. I’d love to see it!

  7. peanutbutterfingers

    awww we had a doggie guest once too! fortunately she got along w/ our dog, but she was a barker which annoyed our dog a lot! sadie likes it quiet! 🙂

  8. Sammie is cute, but not as cute as Petey or Boomer!

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