The Perfect Zone

Now you would think i’m talking about the zone i’m in right now since I have 2 weeks left.  I AM in that zone and it’s great!  I’m actually talking about some complimentary products that  Abbott Nutrition provided me with to sample.

Love 003

Thank you Nicole!  She also sent a sweet note and realized I won’t actually get to try these just yet but they are packed in my “box o’ goodies” for the show.

I didn’t get them packed before Mike snagged a few items.  He first tried the  Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Indulgence bar.  He really liked it.  He said it was like a Reese’s Cup but with that protein taste.  Whatever that means?  After a run yesterday he ate the Dark Chocolate Caramel Pecan bar.  He said the dark chocolate is really good but he’s not real big on caramel or pecans in anything but that didn’t stop him from taking one to work today 😀


I had to go to the Vitamin Shoppe to get some secret ingredients today.

The little yellow bottle really is a secret so don't ask muhahahah.....

Today is ab day but i’m gonna move that to this weekend until I feel a bit better.


I have a teeth cleaning at 2:40p and then my mom, sis and I are going to see Paranormal Activity!(speaking of my stomach)


Do you like scary movies?  I LOVE them!!!  I can’t wait to see Saw VI.  Mike and I just watched the first 4 again to get caught up 🙂



  1. I LOVE horror films!! The scarier the better, I say.

  2. I like scary movies sometimes.. it depends on my mood! I hope your feeling better!

  3. intheskinny

    Mmm, I love the Chocolate Mint Zone bars.

    I’m a sissy when it comes to scary movies.

  4. I like SCARY movies but can’t deal with gore. I’d die if I saw any of the SAW movies, seriously I would throw up. More power to you, tough chick. 😉

  5. ana

    its crazy before i met my boyfriend i hated scary movies now we watch them all the time we saw saw vI already it was good 🙂

    your treats look yummy

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