Mike and I have a vacation planned for Boston now in 2011.  He qualified to run the marathon this afternoon!  I’m SO proud of him!  Yes, tears were shed by both of us.  My groin was also pulled a little more.  I knew his time was going to be close and I was super excited when I saw him around 3:05:00.  He only had a mile left.  I couldn’t believe it, he is really gonna make it!  I took a shortcut and tried to find the finish line.  In the meantime I saw him AGAIN.  His pace looked like it had slowed down and I was sprinting with him yelling at him.  He said he really need that.  He obviously is WAY faster than me so he took off.  I saw him cross the line at around 3:11:42 BUT we have to wait for official results.  I’ll post some pics tomorrow.  We’re still on a high!


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  1. Margarita

    WOOHOO! Congratulations! Your hubby is one fast gazelle! 😉 Who got the 1st though? Who’s time was the fastest? I cannot beleive he did 26 miles in 3 hrs thou – CRAZY! I know people who do half marathon in that time! LOL

    Oh, yeah, before Boston, he should come and train in CO. Where I live, ppl from other states train here all the time for the marathons because it is a lot harder since we are at the 10+K altitude…but then at the marathon at the sea level, they are fast as light! think about it! 😉

  2. intheskinny

    That is so exciting!!! Congrats to your husband. The first marathon I saw was the Boston Marathon and it made me want to do one. I’ve done six, but I’m nowhere near qualifying for the Boston Marathon. He has to be on a complete high.

  3. That’s is so awesome!!

  4. THAT IS SO COOL!!!! Way to go! I can imagine the excitement, thrills and tears you shed after that accomplishment! So excited for you both!!!

  5. OMG congrats to the hubs!!!!!!

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