Go go juice?

Anyone got any?  I’m all out.  My tank is on E.  I was surprised this hasn’t happened until now and I guess it’s kind of a good thing it waited this long.  I get lots and lots of glorius carbs tomorrow so i’m hoping that helps.

I was totally going to skip my full body workout today.  Mike said this is your best week for changes you have to do it.  He was right for once so I got it over with.

On a happier note…i’m going to start baking tomorrow WOOHOO!  I love to bake 🙂  I’m making these and these.  On Thursday I will be making these and these.  I will be taking a portion for Angela and I and sending the rest with Mike.  That way they’re not around after the show 😀

p.s.  Thank you all for your wonderful comments, they mean the world to me!



  1. Go girly go!!!!!!

    Once again Apri,l you have amazed me with your will and strength!!!!

    Go kick booty……and then go eat come yummy treats:)


  2. Angela

    What kind of pb are u using for the fudge? Mmmm…. Fudge…. As I go and hop on the treadmill …. Lol

  3. AH!!! I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!! I literally am SO EXCITED I am JEALOUS AND UPSET that I cannot be there.

    I know you will have fun baking…to me it has been one of the best thingsa bout contests – all the yummy goodies you get to plan! LIke I said, I gave about 80% of the stuff to my neighbors, but just indulding the little bit that I did in it was well worth it. The planning, the fun.

    YOU GO GIRL!! Get on with your bad as hell-in a blue suit-rockin the backside-cheeseburger-needin’ ass!! WOO!!

  4. You have quite the post-comp line up! I love it!
    Hang in there, girl! It’s worth it!

  5. lilveggiepatch

    Ooh, those goodies look great! Have fun baking!

  6. Lou

    Hope all is still going well, better get that tank filled up today! I heard gas is going back up tomorrow! JK! Hehee.. Sorry, you know how cheezy I am. hmm, cheese sounds really good right now, but I’ll be disciplined right now at 11:54pm and not eat any. But, nobody matches your discipline!

  7. Julie

    I am soooo gonna make the Rolo Pretzel thingies! That looks soo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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