Betty Crocker is in Da Hizouse!

My tank is now on F.  I just got finished with my second BIG bowl of oats.  I love that everytime I eat a carb now my body feels like i’ve taken fat burners.  Food as an all natural fat burner…oh yeah.


So today I got to bake.  YIPPEE!  Well, there wasn’t much baking involved but it was still fun.  The house smells SO good.  No spoons were licked although i’m making this stuff again so that I can lick them.  Boomer enjoyed some Jumbo Rice Krispies with peanut butter on them 🙂





Hmmmm…..what to do next?




I made 34…since that’s my age.  I was only gonna make like 10 and then Angela and I could split them BUT I know Mike will want some.  Plus if I remember correctly my friend Louisa  Rolos as much as I  oatmeal!


I ventured to Target of course and got Angela’s guacamole she’s been craving.


100 cal pks! Awesome!

Then it was off to the Natures’ Pharm where I picked up Mocha Marble trail mix and this paper sack.  Any guesses what’s in it?


I’ll give you a hint.  They were on sale for $1.85 and they give me a buzz.


So i’ve had a fun day.  Now it’s back to reality.


Tomorrow i’ll be tackling the fudge and PB oat balls!..balls.




  1. Oh gosh those desserts look good!!

  2. I want some of those Rolos things, too. Pleaseandthankyou. LOL!!

  3. Can I please hire you to come make me goodies?!?!?

  4. dieann

    OMG, food porn. Do the Rolo treats taste just like Turtles? Eh, I shouldn’t have come here…unless you have a picture of a whey and water crispy cookie.

  5. Lou

    Yes! I love Rolos! And pecans! Looks like the bag has boobs in it… or a butt. Sorry, dirty mind….

  6. YIPPEE!! OMG K i love those rolo pretzle things. I just saw/heard of them for the first time last year at our Christmas party for work. LOVE!!

    Ps. Kombucha!! I had one today too – the Guava one. it was good but I like some of the others more

  7. YUMMY!! Glad I didn’t see this earlier or I would’ve had to go buy a candy bar : )

  8. Food as a fat burner? I LOVE THAT! You are on fire, girl!

  9. dang april you have whittled down! i cant wait to see you on stagggge. dude, those rolo bites?! amaze.

  10. FOOD TEASE!!!! 😉

  11. i made some sauce very similar latley! LOVE IT! food porn to the extreme. I just found your blog and though i would say hello 🙂

    <3, D

  12. Sundie

    Is that a rolo on top of a pretzel and topped with a pecan? Whatever the hell it is, it looks fantastic.


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