A Few More Pics

This will be short and sweet.  Mike took today off to recoup after the late Colts game be with me and relax.  We’re going to the outlet mall and out for lunch.  This is the outlet mall Angela and I went to yesterday on the way home and had some chocolate LOL!  Mmm….it was yummy.  Here are some pics from our weekend!



Just for you Becca 😉



  1. GAH!! Why are the pics so small!? When I click on them they stay small, too. BOO.

    Oh you look amazing (with eye makeup! LOL) It’s always funny to see how much we change with or without eyebrows and mascara!! I love you guys!!

  2. Alyson

    Lookin hot! Can’t wait to here all the details 🙂

  3. I am so mad that I didn’t get to hang w/ you guys more. >:-| Next time I am going by my lonesome so that I don’t have a crew’s schedule to follow.

    You two are SO TINY! OMG!!! How cute! I was so excited to see you all in the breezeway!

  4. traynharder23

    WOW! you look great! i jealous.

  5. You look INCREDIBLE!! Gorgeous. Your suit color is phenomenal. I may have missed it but where did you get your suit?

  6. I’m with Becca, BOO on the small picts!! and funny story, all weekend I was trying to view your “Woo!” post below and I couldn’t view it from my phone at all! It just said “Woo!” and that’s it…I was like wtf is woo?!!!…must of been because the picture was turned sideways or something lmao!!!!

    Anywoo, you guys looked amazing and I bet you had a blast!

  7. I wish the pics were bigger too!

    Girl, you are SMOKIN HOT! Both of you! You ROCK!!!!!!

    Very happy for you.

  8. Oh, and your food porn below is just cruel. 🙂

  9. ok, I’m back to say nevermind…the picts got big again after I tried…first time around my internet was cutting out and I was getting errors…my bad 🙂 lol

  10. Jessica

    YOU. LOOK. FAB. U. LOUS!!! Both of you!!!

  11. You guys look great!

  12. You are stunning! Congratulations on building a beautiful body!

  13. ana

    you girls look sooooo pretty and great!!!! angela you loook so great and youwere worried girly!!!! both of you all glammed up beautifull!

  14. OW OW! looking hot!


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