It’s Got To Be Someone

Someone has to finish last and that was me 😀  I got dead last.  Out of 19 girls.  I’m not really upset by it either.  I felt I looked good and held my own among the youngsters.  I also have to remember that this was a HUGE show and girls were out for blood.  If you placed in the top 5 you qualify for the National level which is what most of these girls strive for.  I just need more confidence and sass on stage.


So I picked Angela up at 9:30a Friday.  It was so good to see her!  Then we headed back towards Greenwood and hit the Nature’s Pharm and CVS.  She had never had maple nut goodies and they sounded good to me.  We drove to Kentucky and checked into our hotel room.  Friday seemed like it took forever!  I ate my dry chicken without drinking water and watched Angela get to eat.  She even got PB!  LOL!  Friday night we had a meeting and then started tanning.  That is the suckiest part.  I hate that tanner.  You really never know if it’s going to go on well or not.  We fall asleep and then wake up for the big day!


That morning we put some more coats of tanner on.  We get our makeup on and fix our hair.  I did a last minute suit change decision.  I was so dehydrated and tired.  I couldn’t sleep that night.  We made sure our heater wasn’t up to high so that our tanner wouldn’t sweat off.  Stacey and Tina, did ya catch that?  Got our crap packed up and headed to the venue.  Walking over there took FOREVER!  It was like we were in a hamster tube walking across the streets of Louisville.  The girls were all real nice and it wasn’t tense at all.  Some of the girls were VERY serious though.  I guess if you are a competitive person you should be.  We also met Genie in the hamster wheel!  Genie you are so adorable!  She has that sweet suthern ackcent.  Her butt was the size of 1 of my butt cheeks.  I gave her some of our treats to enjoy and she told me she did 😉 


I got up on stage and it felt good.  We didn’t get to walk or anything just take 2 steps forward, hit 2 poses and get back in line.  That was fine with me.  Did I mention how tired I was?  So we got done with prejudging and it was back through the hamster wheel to the hotel where we took naps.  When it was time to get up I would have rather just slept than go back.  We were in for a long night.  There were 200 competitiors.  To make a long story short we got back on stage and did it all again.  The girl to my left won overall.  I was happy for her.  She was a sweet girl.  Finally…time to go back to the room, shower and eat! 


I immediately hopped in the shower.  Yes, I chose that over eating.  After the shower I ate some PB&J, blue chips, guacamole, salsa, Stacey’s Pita Chips, and dessertS.  Angela brought some ooey gooey butter cakes and they were SO yummy!  I just found a recipe online and i’m going to make them for Thanksgiving.  Now that i know what’s in them though I will never eat them again LOL!  We also had some Hawaiian Bread rolls!  I had PB&J on mine.  We were feeling sick and went to bed.   I was up at 5:30a like clockwork though.


We got our stuff packed up and headed back north.  On the way home we hit Cracker Barrel.  I got egg beaters and oatmeal.  We split pecan pancakes.  OMG, those are SO good!  Then we went to the Russel Stover’s outlet.  It wasn’t open.  We went to Walmart and Angela picked up some more hawaiian rolls to take back home to her hubs.  I knew she’d like them.  So headed back to the outlet and they had samples here and there.  Some were sugar free though and I WILL NOT eat those.  I am also the person who bites the truffle and doesn’t like what’s inside and puts it back.  Most of mine went in the trash.  Then we head to the Taylorsville outlet.  I wanted her to see the Harry and David outlet.  We went in there and the lady says would you like a sample.  Just out of habit I said no, then thought YeS!  Whatever it was was so good.  We then MADE ourselves go to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  Yes, we had to twist each others arms.  I got an iced cappicino truffle and Angela got a bear claw pretzels rod and a bear claw carmel apple.  They were SO good! 

Time for lunch.  Angela was craving a burger.  We stopped at Steak and Shake.  She doesn’t have these where she lives.  Burger satisfaction complete.  I had a piece of chicken and baked beans (bean crock).  Then we headed back to the airport.  I was so sad to see her leave.  I could have cried.  It was at that moment that I remembered what this weekend was really about.




  1. The tanner is definitely the worst! Hate the stuff. I still laugh at how you guys had the heat just cranked while next door Tina and I were blasting the AC…lol!!

    Hawaiian bread rolls rock! My 7 year old can eat them by the bag…sometimes, that’s all she wants for breakfast 🙂

    I also do that with truffles 😉

    I for one think you looked absolutely stunning…both you and Angela. And the simple fact that you both accomplished a goal you set out to do makes you both winners in anyone’s book.

    omg that banana peanut butter below sounds amazing *drool*

  2. ana

    well im glad you had a good time girl! 19th place oh well girly but you CANNOT beat the satisfaction of looking awesome being nice and toned and stepping on stage i hope you are proud iam happy for you and you achieved stage again!!!!!

    so the question is??????? what do you like better figure or bikini???? whats next

  3. I loved the re-cap. Felt like I was there. Yeah I saw the scorecards this morning and was actually surprised when I matched up the names with the pics. I think you look great – better than some of those girls and that is where sass + shitty judging = unfair or incorrect placings. It happens in every division – but bikini seems to have more emphasis on stage presence than figure or BB do IMO. I think that is because there is less to judge in general? I knwo that is what hindered me, adn probably you too. But hey, we don’t strut naturally – we will work on it. The best part is that you had a great time and you know you looked fabulous. Honestly – you are one hot ginger kid. Glad you have such a great attitude about it! Plus, 19 out of 19 girls on stage is nothing compared to everyone else int he world! HOTTIE!

  4. OMG. I am taken back by the placings. We need to get together, meet halfway, and we’re gonna put some sass in your step. Stage presence is where it’s at. There will always be someone bigger, leaner, have a smaller waist (well, with you, maybe not! LOL!), bigger boobs, bubblier butt, so ya just gotta work what you are working with. Or at least pretend… use it as your moment to pretend like you’re cocky! 😀 Your body looked good! Some of those chicks were bouncing around and throwing out their hips. LOL

  5. Oh and P.S. Those treats were damn tasty. I was just going to try them, but I ate the whole damn bag… in one sitting… and chased it down with a beer.

    I am so Klassy. 🙂

  6. I’m sure you looked awesome and I’m glad you were able to treat yourself!

  7. I’m so glad you posted a recap! Sounds like you had a wonderful time!!!

    It’s nice having someone to experience all of this with you!!!

    Did ya hear?? Hayley and I are doing the Disney’s Princess 1/2 marathon together. I’m so super excited!!!

  8. You’re a winner the moment you step on that stage, you go girl!

  9. I’m with everyone else – you accomplished what you set out to do and that makes you a champ. I could never do it so my hat is off to you, girls. Thanks for the recap btw. I felt like I was the only one who didn’t know how things turned out…

    Hawaiian rolls are the food of the gods. They are so unbelieveably fantastic! I cannot be anywhere near a bag or it’s gone.

  10. woohoo! congrats on the show. you are so inspirational, i would NEVER dare to do what you have done. seriously. good work, you were so disciplined the whole way up to the comp. i am proud of you!!! glad you got to have some treats after 🙂

  11. Lou

    You should be proud!! You looked great up there! I couldn’t stop smiling, so proud of my friend! I was rushing over to get pictures, trying to get to the aisle without knocking people over with my big butt…and my 15 lb purse…

  12. You have such a positive attitude! The very act of dedicating so much of your time and effort to prepare for that event shows just how much of a winner you are. The fact that you can lose gracefully makes you all the more inspiring. Congratulations and enjoy some real food for once! 🙂

  13. Congratulations! It sounds like you really enjoyed the journey to the stage and the entire process. And that makes you a huge success in my book!

  14. Ruby

    April I just want to say you look the best you have ever looked. Your body rocks. If I could wake up with you body I would always have a smile on my face.
    You look sexy and hot!


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