Weigh In Wednesday

I didn’t want to do this but it HAS to be done.  It’s the only way i’ll really start sticking to my program 100%.  I am NOT one who fakes that there is no need to weigh yourself.  If I don’t then a month from now i’ll wonder how the heck I gained 20 lbs.  There is a simple solution.  Weigh once a week on the same day and make sure your weight is in check.  This is a much better solution than not weighing and then stepping on the scale and seeing a number that shocks the crap out of you.  I still eat what my body needs but if the number creeps up I cut back on little things.


I’ve got my new plan from Tony.  Now I just need to stick to it.  I need to cut out the nut butters like NOW.  I do have them on this plan BUT I know myself so I will be getting the 100 cal pks of almonds and using those instead.


I was looking at pictures of the other bikini girls in my class and I can honestly say that I DID NOT deserve last place.  I’m not saying Ideserved top 5 or 10 for that matter but NOT last.  Maybe 15th or so.  Again I know I need to work on my sass and maybe be a bit darker.


Oh yeah, the number on the scale….119!  That’s 11 lbs.  I was 108 maybe a bit lighter on stage.  I’m glad I saw that number this morning.  It’s game on now.  I want to maintain at 115.  I hate the word maintain.  That makes it seem like i’m not trying to change or get better.  I’m always striving to get better.  I would LOVE to stay 110 all the time but lets not get carried away.

So you all hold me accountable.  I HAVE to clean up this diet.  I’m always ON when I know I have a show coming up.  I need to be like that again.  So far so good today.  I did meet a friend at Starbucks and had a tall skinny pumpkin spice latte.  I have been craving one of those for the longest time.  I will not eat 1/2 a cup of peanut butter today 😀



  1. We got yo back girlie!

    As much as I don’t like it I need to weigh myself on a regular basis. I can’t live in lala land and pretend that my weight doesn’t exist…I tried that and now all my jeans don’t fit! Back to regular weigh ins and sticking to my meal plan/workouts.

    You’ll be back to 115 in no time!

  2. You look fabulous!

  3. I thought you looked good up there! WOOT!

    I want PB.

  4. fitlizzio

    i meant to tell you that april. I was SHOCKED that you came in last. Literally shocked. I thought you looked amazing and definitely deserved to place higher. But, judging is judging. It’s not always right.

    And no worries..i’ll hold you accountable! 🙂

  5. You absolutely did not deserve last.
    I do not weigh myself, almost ever but I dont ‘fake it’. if I stick to what I know I should eat daily, then the weight shouldn’t go up. For me, it’s simple that way.

  6. You look so great!! You definitely didn’t deserve last place.. you look amazing!!

    I weigh myself everyday. It doesn’t really cause a problem.. I like it because it keeps me on track! My weight only fluctuates a couple pounds anyway so I don’t freak out if its a little higher. But if it stays higher then we’ve got a problem!

  7. I also love Pumpkin Spice lattes..have you tried the Eggnog one-I haven’t YET! BTW you did awesome and looked fantastic,anyone would die to have your tiny waist,butt and legs-I know I would!!
    I hate “maintenance” too ..but it’s like everything else in our lives (home, finances, car,hubby, kids etc) we need to be aware before it gets out of control!!

  8. i have the same philosophy exactly on weighing in- once per week (mine’s friday) at the same time, helps keep me on track for the weekend! 🙂
    ps put the peanut butter down! hehe.

  9. I hate how I only eat right if I have an event that I want to look good for!! I need to learn how to do this maintain thing too.

  10. You look awesome! I don’t know what the judges were thinking?

    Why do you have to cut out nut butters all together? What about natural pb?

  11. ahhh.. i need to do this. the whole weighing once a week thing. when i did that i was always maintaining/losing. then i did away with the scale and yeah.. gained 20 lbs. in a short matter of months. so scary.

    i am a little weary to buy a scale. but after reading this post i know that is what it is going to take for me to stay in check. i just REALLY am afraid of what it will say….


    YOU.. my dear.. are one hot chica!

    • I didn’t want to weigh yesterday. I’m glad I did though. I’m down 2.4 lbs today and I KNOW it’s because I knew the number. I just made sure I ate what I was suppose to and drank my water. I did have a pumpkin spice latte and some granola though 😉


  12. Louisa

    Glad to see you’re giving in to some of those cravings! We all know you can straighten up when needed. Even when you don’t need to….

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