Breakfast in a Jif


I promise there was only 1 Tbsp or so left.  I gave Boomer some too so I wouldn’t eat more than allowed.  I also put some cocoa powder in the bottom before pouring in the oats.  CAUTION Make sure the powder is mixed before inhaling.  I totally choked a bit.


I was down 2.6 lbs this morning and feeling much better.  I still have about 5 more that I want to lose before Thanksgiving.  REMEMBER this IS possible because most of my weight right now is water and sodium bloat.  This is NOT normally something that is reasonable.


Mike and I are loving V!  Are you?


I am so happy about the winner of ANTM!!  Actually I didn’t really have a favorite out of the two.  I won’t mention the winner since some of you may have not watched it yet.  I had been rooting for Nicole because she is a redhead BUT Laura is so stinkin cute and sweet.  This season was so much fun I think.  Short girls aren’t as mean and serious.


Who was your favorite shorty this season?



  1. wow,just catching up on your last few posts!!!!
    OMGosh!!! i have got to get all that PNB stuff!!!
    and btw-your pictures are AMZAZING!!!!
    keep your head up chica!!

  2. I actually didn’t watch much of this season of ANTM, but I’m happy for the winner. Shorties unite 😀

  3. They make natural jiff??? I never knew that! Your pretty good only eating 1 tbsp with oats in a jar.. I just pretend mine has 1 tbsp 😛

  4. ana

    i have never seen natural jif either?

  5. Mmmmmm….PB!

    We watched the first episode of V and have the others dvr’d. I have not watched them yet.


  6. fsegbefia

    I didn’t even know Jif had a natural version. Is it as good as Smuckers?

    • It is as good and it doesn’t get hard like Smuckers. It’s creamy and easy to spread(TWSS)

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