Oh Nuts!

I’m not talking about my pulled groin.  That’s getting a bit better.  I’m up to 6.5 mph now 😀  I’m talking about Oh Nuts!  These will not help me make my Thanksgiving goal weight is all i’m saying.  These little boogers are might tasty!  I tried the cocoa and toffee almonds plus the honey baked pecans.  The pecans would be SO yummy in a pie.  I’m going to use them on my Rolos.

Little sample of smoked almonds didn't last long

Today the cute UPS man brought my beloved Metrx shakes.  I have missed those.  I followed it with this:

Nomnomnom....to quote Jessica

The pecans are to die for but I think my fave are the toffee almonds.  What, me choosing toffee over chocolate?  It’s a tough decision really.


Once thing I love about not being as strict diet wise is the little extras.  Check out my dinner….I’s hungry.

It’s also nice not having to pack a meal just in case your timing is a little off.


I Smurfs


What was your favorite cartoon growing up?




  1. mmm..pecans 😉

    My favorite cartoon? i had a few…i think my very favorite was Underdog 🙂 I also liked the smurfs…i always wanted to be smurfette 😉 Oh and Jem! I loved Jem! (do you notice how hyper i sound…LOL)

  2. Truly outrageous! I had ALL of those dolls LOL! I think I also wanted my name to be Jerrica then 😉

  3. Favorite cartoon = too many! Haha. But one of my top favorites was always ‘Daria.’

  4. I ♥ Smurfs —> Hello random? lol.

    I loved the My Little Pony Tales!

  5. Mmm nuts!! I love any type of nuts but the sweeter the better! lol

  6. fitlizzio

    i watched smurfs, tailspin, the gummy bears show, and so many more! i still love watching ben and jerry. it makes me feel like a little kid again 🙂

  7. Ooh, that looks like a meal I just had! I’m glad you and Angela had fun in Kentucky. Great pics! You both looked gorgeous! Congrats to Hubby too on his Marathon timing and qualifying for Boston! How awesome!


  8. Oh and my favorite cartoon was Bugs Bunny!

  9. My favorite cartoon was; SMURFS!!
    HAD TO BE. I really liked Thundercats too – but I was scared of them sometimes. Also, I have always been a fan of the old school cartoons – you know, the black and white ones with the wanna be betty boop girl and her dog…

    I ❤ little extras. It doesn't take a lot to make me happy in my off-season diet 🙂

  10. peanutbutterfingers

    those nuts are my downfall… i can eat candy or chocolate-covered nuts day in & day out. i just love ’em!

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