3 Things Turkey Day

  1. Why don’t my abs look good flabby like Britney Spears?
  2. 90 minutes of cardio completed this morning.  I’ve always wondered what happened after burning 999 cals…it just goes to zero.
  3. Did I really just bake all that stuff 2 weeks ago and not lick a thing?  I amaze myself.

Are there people that when they are on TV you just can’t change the channel?  For me it’s Beyonce, Britney Spears, Bush(aka Gavin),  Maddona and the newest one…Lady Gaga.  Yes, I admit it.  Now that I know her story I really like her.



  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I’m in awe of you 1000+ calorie session. Someday I’ll do that, haha.


  3. Happy Thanksgiving! You know, you really shouldn’t do cardio that long. 999 is where it tops out, and once it goes back to zero it means that you have to start all over, burning calories, and those first 999 were canceled out. 😉

    heheh I’m ornery today.

    • I hope that’s not true LOL!

  4. 90 minutes of cardio.. your a beast!!

    Have a wonderful and yummy thanksgiving!!

  5. Ya no kidding 1000 calories…I bow down to you Cardio Queen!! 🙂 Yes I do too like Lady Gaga. She has a great voice and I think she does a good job marketing herself and getting erself out there as being unique. Have a great turkey day!

  6. hayleycepeda

    Definitely Britney Spears…and now Lady Gaga, too. What’s her story??

    • She was just a New Yorker waitress who has a great voice. Always been a weird one. She’s sort of like Marilyn Manson, you’re afraid of them until you see the real them. Not that she worships the devil but you know what I mean 🙂

  7. I cannot change the chanel on Britney Spears…or Sandra Bullock but that’s about it.
    I change the chanel on Beyonce EVERYTIME.


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