Last November Day

So I was telling my mom what Mike’s mom said about having 2 inlaws flying  on Lifeline.  She informed me that I actually flat lined 3 times.  Once in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, once in Lifeline for 1 min, then once on the operating table.  How cool!  What if in the helicoptor they stopped at 57 secs??  Hmmm…i’m here for a reason but not sure what that is yet.  She also told me about when she went to the chapel at the hospital and prayed for God to give her a sign that she would be alright.  When she went outside that day there was a double rainbow.  My mom can’t talk about it without crying.  I guess she really does love me hee hee.


I’m going walking with my bud today.  I did my 60 mins this morning so now i’ll get in another 60.  Hopefully the scale will drop tomorrow, it only dropped .2 lbs last night 😀  I know I can’t expect a loss everyday considering i’m already small.


The other day I froze 1/3 cup of pumpkin.  Then I added some almond milk, stevia and pumpkin pie spice.  It was like pumpkin ice cream!!!  Last night I added some whey powder, chia seeds and ice.  Now I can’t wait for it every night!


I’m rambling on about nothing but oh well.


I should be receiving some exciting stuff in the mail soon…I can’t wait!  Of course i’ll post the reviews for you.  Maybe my shoes will arrive too!  No review there.  Brooks Adrenaline GTS-9, I’ve had the 7’s and 8’s and I LOVE them!  Sorry Asics GT-2140 or whatever you were that gave me blisters.  I’ll never be without my Brooks again.


Here’s a pic of my fam.  I them.

Hers love her daddy

What are you obsessed with lately?  I know i’ve probably asked this before but mine changing week to week.  Right now it’s still pumpkin plus goat cheese and sunflower seeds!



  1. Mmmm I’m kind of obsessed w/ goat cheese at the moment. Nomnomnom

  2. obsessed with this week? spending way too much money on holiday stuff! I like your blog.

    Also, just wanted to let you know, the most updated version of the Brooks Adrenaline series is out, Adrenaline 10. My company has it if you wanna check it out! Good luck with the scale 🙂

  3. I love goat cheese. I’m obsessed with any kind of cheese. And pom seeds.

  4. Sylvia

    Oh, yes I am obsessed with goat cheese at the moment as well! deeelish! and swimming , loving the pool!

  5. I’m on the spending too much $ too – eek. And trader joe’s whipped reduced fat cream cheese. And pico de gallo. Random!

  6. This week I’m obsessed with my chocolate muffins..mmm!! And I bought some bee pollen.. I have to try it out! What does it taste best in?

    And pumpkin ice cream huh?? I’ll have to try that! Did you just freeze the pumpkin and then blend it with the other ingredients?

  7. Frozen mango and almond butter..:)

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