10 Grapefruits

Yep, that’s what i’ve added to my body since my competition.  They say that’s the average.  I want to be anything but average.  I must say that all of those grapefruits are in my lower half…nothing up top LOL!  I feel great!  My workouts have been killer and my muscles are sore. 

Pre grapefruits

When I look at the picture above I think did I really look like that?  I never see that person in the mirror.  It only sparks the fire to get to 113 by Christmas!  I was 117.4 this morning.


My meal plans are awesome and give me a lot of variety.  I have added some things that I will not buy again once they are out of the kitchen.


This morning I was up at 3a and couldn’t go back to sleep.  Boomer and I laid on the couch and then I ended up dozing off.  I woke up and was sore all over.  I thought about going to sleep again but instead I got on the treadmill.  Not before I had a rice cake with PB and sugar free blueberry jam on it.  3 things that once they are gone I will no longer buy.  I was REALLY craving trail mix and got the rice cakes instead so I felt good at the time 🙂


Why 113?  115 is cool with me but that’s too close to 120.  Once i’m over 120 forget it…I miraculously inch up to 125 somehow.  I won’t lie, I know how.  That’s the good thing about what I have learned.  I KNOW how to eat.  Before Tony I had no clue and couldn’t figure it out.

If you were stranded on a dessert island what 5 foods would you want with you?  Oats, Cake Batter Whey, Blue Chips,  Peanut Butter(Naturally More), and coffee.


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  1. How much does a grapefruit weigh? All of my grapefruits are in my tummy region. Pretty — NOT! My pants are starting to fit once again, and I do not like it.

    Five things: Oikos (any flavor), Chocolate Infusion Amazing Grass SuperFood, chocolate (preferably Newman’s Own Organics Mocha Chocolate), Skippy Natural, Ezekiel bread

    I’m sure that if you were to ask me again in a month my list would change. LOL!

    • 1 grapefruit is equal to 1 lb of fat. You hide your grapefruit very well girly!

  2. you look awesome girl! wowwwza…and nice foods that you would have on a dessert island mine would be

    1. oats
    2. cottage cheese
    3. kashi go lean
    4. peanut butter (naturally more too!!)
    5. prunes-loooveeee 🙂

  3. fitlizzio

    hmmm almond butter, egg whites, oatmeal, apples, anddddddd sweet potatos.

  4. Still in awe of your whole journey to do that competition! You look great girl and you are going to own 113 before Christmas, I just know it!

  5. Thanks girl!! I entered your pretty face!

  6. You must really love this cake batter whey protein powd if it made your top 5 list. I might have to give it a try. I am always nervous about trying new prot powd in the event I might not like it. I need to take more risks. HA

    You looked great in your competition pictures. I am certain you will get to your goal by Christmas with your dedication. I am training for my very first competition which will be in May or June (it is not determined yet). I pray I can do it. The unknows is just scary. I haven’t been below 140 in the past 18 years and got up to over 200 in there somewhere. I am digging deep for my dedication and determination though.

  7. youre bangin in the photo. shoot, you are bangin now. you are such an inspiration to meeee. i was 113.9 at my lowest~i wonder if i will ever be there again (as i shove my face with a hummus sandwich)…

    5 things? i dunno.. can i pick 5 combos please?

    1. hummus (i would need some sort of vehicle i guess. veggies or bread)
    2. cereal w/ almond milk
    3. PB (naturally more for sure)
    4. vanilla bean ice cream
    5. greek yogurt

    ok i cheated a little. good thing i will not be on a deserted island any time soon.

  8. cathy40.wordpress.com

    hmmm…only 5??
    1-something sweet like chocolate bars or chocolate chunk cookies (I could get fat-no mirrors on the island)
    2-oatmeal (with peanut butter)
    3-green monster shakes
    4-veggies like cucumber, sweet pot (I know I’m weird)
    5-Kashi Go Lean Crunch and yogurt
    I know more than 5….but I love my good eats!

    April I’m sure you look awesome at 118 or 115 or 113lbs!!

  9. Jessica

    This post makes me feel so much better! I know I’ve heard that around 10lbs is normal, and good, but I feel GRRRRROSS! And to think I was an additional 30lbs more than I am TODAY? Omg.

    Ok, my top five:
    1. Cashew Butter
    2. Fresh Pineapple
    3. Ham… of any sort. lol
    4. Bread
    5. Yogurt


  10. I feel like my foods wouldn’t be very healthy but…

    peanut butter

  11. My grapefruits are in my triceps inner thighs.
    I stick them there for safe hiding. lol.

    1) bread (pretty much any kind but I like beer bread!)
    2) steak
    3) nutella
    4) cheese (any kind)
    5) bananas
    6) Fage Greek yogurt

    I know that is one too many but those are my favs so deal with it. lol

  12. dieann

    A pound of butter is also roughly equal to the size of a pound of bodyfat. Sigh. I’ve got a lot of butter on my body.

    April, why are you flipping us off in the picture?

    1. Nachos
    2. Beer
    3. Chocolate
    4. Wine
    5. Magic pill

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