Ahhh…That’s Better

My legs have been KILLING me this week.  I have to change my shoes very often or else it makes it worse.  I log MANY miles a month so 4 months is typically too long.  I was so happy to receive my new Brooks Adrenaline GTS-9 yesterday!  My cardio this morning made my feet happy 😀

It was so fun reading about your top 5!  It’s so hard because there are many things i’m obsessed with at the moment.  Pumpkin being one but I wouldn’t have a can opener.  Like many of you mine would change from month to month.

I’m really perfecting my pumpkin ice cream recipe.  Once it’s final i’ll post it in my yummies section.  Mmm….I feel like i’m eating cake and ice cream every night!!  Cake being the cake batter protein + 1/2 tsp baking powder + water, microwave for about 40 secs.  I can’t forget chia seeds, I add them to everthing!

How cool is this?   http://www.blackfitnessblog.com/2009/11/50-best-free-weight-loss-tools-on-the-web/  Recognize any of the bloggers?  😀  I feel honored by anyone who thinks I inspire them.  It makes me remember WHY I love this so much!  Staying healthy and feeling great!

Tip of the day:  Don’t wait for New Year’s to start eating clean.  Do it NOW.  If you’ve messed up over Thanksgiving don’t beat yourself up.  Heck I gained 3.4 lbs.  It’s gone now because I chose to eat better and not let it drag me down. 

What is your favorite brand of shoe?




  2. I love my Saucony shoes! I’ve tried Asics, New Balance and currently have Nikes, but I want to go back to Sauconys. Anything that has extra cushioning for my high arches! I like the pretty blue!

  3. That is so cool! Love shout outs like that! 😉

    I’ve worn them all, including brooks! Right now I’m wearing Sauconys. Just ordered my most recent pair off runningwarehouse.com got them $30 cheaper than my local running shoe store! I like to support the local business, but for $30 cheaper…I couldn’t pass THAT up!

    I have to wear very wide toe box shoes. I have neuromas in both of my feet and they KILL me unless it is a wide toe box with mesh. Even then my feet can only take so much…it sucks breaking in new shoes for that very reason.

  4. Abby

    I just bought new shoes this past weekend. I’m the same way, if I go 4 months then I’m overdue and things start to hurt. I like the asics GT series. I’ve had the 2130’s, 40’s and the new ones I just got were 50’s. It’s so funny though because my closet is full of shoes that all look almost the same!

  5. peanutbutterfingers

    yay for new shoes. they make SUCH a difference. i love my mizzunos. they’re definitely NOT cute but they fit well & don’t give me blisters.

  6. hayleycepeda

    Those are my exact shoes!! I went to a local footwear place where they measure your foot and watch your gait and the guy matched me up with those. I love them so much I bought 2 pairs.. 🙂


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