Fluffy Friday

That’s how i’m feeling today.  I know, I know, I’ll get over it.  My clothes are still loose but my fat goggles are on 🙂  All I can do is keep eating right and killing my workouts.  I just have to remember that i’m 20 lbs. lighter than I was 3 years ago.

I know many of you have seen this before but I have to remind myself sometimes.  Although I FEEL like that I do NOT look like that 😀

Today my friend Amy and I went walking in the freezing weather.  We could barely talk by the time we were done LOL!  It ended up being a nice and sweaty workout.  I also did 2 cardio kickboxing sessions thanks to the younger April.  My Comcast on Demand wouldn’t work yesterday and I had planned to do some yoga with Tom Morley.  Stupid me had no idea you could just get on Exercise TV and look them up…learn something new everday.  I will be 35 next year 😉

Boomer rode with me to Nature’s Pharm so I could pick up a few things.  I bought some Kombucha!  I got Multi-green and Original now that i’m hardcore.  On sale for $1.70 WOOT!  Also picked up some Apple Cider Vinegar and Almond Milk.  They were both on sale as well.


What a boring day.  Mike is on his treadmill now and then we’re going to snuggle, eat dinner and watch a movie.  My favorite time!


Do you go all gung ho on Christmas Decorations?  I did when I first got our house.  Now I have our stockings up etc…and the tree has lights on it.  I haven’t put the ornaments on and I don’t think I will.  I don’t want to take them off LOL!



  1. OH yes – love Christmas decorations 🙂

  2. I go nutso with Christmas Decorations. Each year I add a little more. It takes me all day the day after Thanksgiving. I love it. Then, after the new year I am way too lazy to take it down LOL

  3. Haha that’s so funny about the exercise tv thing! Except they don’t have all of the videos full length 😦 I’m going to check out that yoga one though!

  4. I want to do mine! I haven’t done it yet this year…. and didn’t do it last year. My track record is sucking.

  5. intheskinny

    I can’t believe that picture was you 3 years ago!

    I don’t go crazy with the Christmas decorations. I have a little tree plus a big one. I always remember my mom complaining about taking everything down and now I know why!!

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