Bora Bora Bar Review!

I wish this was a review of the place Bora Bora  but this is the next best thing.  I’ve tried all kinds of natural bars and this is by far my favorite! 


What I really love about these bars are the sugars and carbs aren’t as high as most bars.  Another plus if you clink on the links you can tell exactly what you are eating.  Nuts and seeds YUM!  2 of my favorite things!  They didn’t leave me feeling sick with a sugar buzz.  The only complaint is the Tribal Cinnamon lacked the taste of cinnamon in my opinion.  Also i’m not a big fan of cranberry so my mom gets the rest of that one.  The blueberry was very flavorful!


I loved them so much I got a tatoo!

I’ve also been using the mug all weekend and sporting the organic t-shirt. 

Have you tried these?  How did you like them?



  1. I love bora bora bars! I used to eat them all the time (they sell big boxes at costco) but we haven’t bought any recently. I think they must have changed the flavors or something because the one I liked was blueberry flax or something like that!

  2. I’ve never heard of them before… but the fact you have a tattoo… they must be tasty!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen them in the store … I’ll have to look extra hard!

  3. i have never seen these anywhere before.. but just stalked their website for a good 10 minutes and HOW CAN I GET ME SOME?! i’m not sure if i want the bars more or the mug.. but the ‘need’ is there for sure.

  4. Hello all and thanks for all the positive feedback! We’re delighted you love the bars as much as we do.

    Our nationwide distribution is currently very small (Costco, Kroger, the Vitamin Shoppe and larger Safeway stores with an organic/natural section), so our website is the best option for now. You can choose from all 7 of our available flavors at Keep up the great work April, we hope you all have a fantastic holiday!

  5. LOVE THEM…they have them here at Kroger and they are expensive, but whenever they go on “manager’s special”, I scoop them up!

  6. Bora Bora one of the most beautiful place on earth.


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