Metabolism Booster Monday

I love trying new cardio routines.  On my agenda this morning was Julie’s workout.  All I can say is i’m glad it’s over LOL!  I LOVED the challenge!  It was a great workout.  Here’s her version:

50 minute treadsies

time speed incline
0-5 4.0 6%
5-7 5.0 2%
7-9 5.5 2%
9-10 6.0 2%
10-20 repeat minutes 5-10 x2
20-25 4.8 7.5%
25-35 repeat minutes 5-10 x2
35-40 repeat minutes 20-25
40-42 6.0 1.5%
42-44 6.5 1.5%
44-45 7.0 1.5%
45-50 repeat minutes 40-45
50-55 3.5               0% (cooldown)

My version put a 4.0 walk from 50-51, then raised the incline to 6% for 51-55, cooldown 55-60 @ 3.5.  This old lady needed a break.


I’ve had some of the best workouts lately.  My weights are increasing and my energy is through the roof!  My weight this morning was 116.2.  Still shooting for 113 by Christmas.


Since I have this silly tatoo on my arm i’m SO glad I didn’t do anything stupid and get one there when I was younger.  I can’t see the ones I have which is good.  I really wish they weren’t there at all.


I’m getting my hair trimmed today.  I think I may get my bangs shorter than normal.


I was eating cottage this morning and it tasted extra salty.  I know it has lots of salt but I almost rinsed it off first. 

What kind of cottage cheese do you use?




  1. love the cardio workout!

    I just use the cheap Walmart brand 🙂

  2. Great workout! My legs are short and anything between 4.0 and 5.3 is an awkward pace for me!

    I use Daisy!

  3. That looks like a great workout.

    And no cottage cheese for me. Yuck yuck, I’ve never been a fan.

  4. Oh yuck, I highly dislike cottage cheese. I think it’s the texture. I used to eat it for prep with tons of splenda and strawberries. Then I switched to plain greek yog. So much better!

    • I LOVE cottage cheese! I don’t eat things I don’t like 🙂 I wish I could eat chocolate more often 😉

  5. I prefer metabolism foods to boost metabolism then cardio workouts.

    • Yep, I eat those as well.

  6. Whoever wrote this, you know how to make a good arictle.

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