Dream Bloggin’

I seriously had a dream I was blogging last night.  I guess i’m an addict.  That or since I didn’t do it yesterday my mind wanted to. 

We got a new addition to the family yesterday.  Her name is My-My?  She is 9 years old and is suppose to be my grandma’s dog.  Gma always says she wants a dog like my moms but when we find one for her she doesn’t really want one.  I need to call my mom to see how it all played out.  She is a little sweetie.

New sweater

Welcome to the family!

My mom's pom...GinGin

If you don’t put cocoa in your bowl before you pour in the oats you’re missing out!

Like fudge mmm....

At Target this morning I thought I was dreaming!!!

$9.99 chicken on sale for $4.99!

Yes I am THAT person who takes all they have.

Today i’m making corn casserole and chewy fudge brownies for the Christmas party tonight.  Guess i’ll be taking my cheat meal 😉  So we won’t count that bowl of 3a Rice Krispies the other night.  How do I gain weight again during the holidays?

What is your go to side dish?  Tonight mine will be corn casserole.  Many times it’s grean bean casserole.  So easy to make.



  1. Margarita

    Another redhead in the family! 😉 April – she looks just like you! hehe You always find bargain deals. Wish we had a super Target in our area… :-/

  2. Aww I wish my dogs would let me put sweaters on them.. they always rip them off!

    That cocoa idea sounds really good! Except I use the 100% cocoa powder so I’m not sure how good a bitter bite would be haha!

    And I stock up when I find good sales too! You don’t want to know how many pitas are in my freezer at the moment..

    • That’s what I use too 😀 I LOVE bitter chocolate!

      LOL! We’ve got hoarding problems;)

  3. janetha

    look at those sweeties!! i love the sweaters. haha, i dream about blogging too.. hmm…

    have a good weekend april!

  4. So YOUR that person at Target!!! I am too! Ha ha! I saw that special and I stocked up and I took the last 5 dozen eggs they had at $1.33. They have more in “The Back”. Have fun tonight!

  5. I am that person who buys up the last of something that is on sale.

    Today I bought all that Whole Foods had for Unsweetened Coconut Milk. It was on sale and than I got a rain check.

    I wish we had a Target that actually sold groceries. That would be sweet!

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