Another weekend bites the dust

I survived the party Saturday night.  It was fun.  At least I got out of the house.  I almost didn’t make it…I was having issues.  I use to be a party girl believe it or not.  We had a big clan of friends that would all go out together and had a blast.  We were that group who said we’d always keep going out even when we’re 50.  When you’re younger you really believe that.  Then real jobs, babies, and the moves out of state come.  Sorry to burst your young bubbles if you are still at that i’m gonna feel 21 forever state 😉


I’m up 3 lbs this morning from last Monday 😮  Saturday night I had the best baked beans, ham, my corn casserole, sweet potatoe pumkin pie thing, and 1/2 of a brownie.  I call it a successful night because 1.  I didn’t over indulge on sweets and 2.  I drank water all night.  I felt it on Sunday though.  I was chugging the water and laying off of sodium yesterday.  I also drank lots of green tea. 


My corn casserole was GONE!  There was another dish there but no one ate it 😀  Mine was better…of course.  It’s so simple to make.  Here’s what I did:

  1. Box of Jiffy
  2. 8 oz sour cream
  3. 1 can kernel corn(drain)
  4. 1 can creamed corn
  5. 3/4 stick of butter

Mix all that and bake at 350º for 45-50 mins.  My mom puts jalapenos in hers.  It’s so good!


After Mike got home from the Colts game we watched Me, Myself and Irene.  We’ve seen it a few times before but each time we catch different things.  I don’t believe in the whole actors getting paid millions for acting with exception of Jim Carrey in this movie.  He is VERY entertaining.


I woke up this morning and did workout #6  from my Move It section.


What are your favorite comedies? 

  1. Happy Gilmore
  2. Dumb and Dumber
  3. Billy Madison
  4. Me, Myself and Irene
  5. Austin Powers Gold Member
  6. Anything with Adam Sandler(easier that way)
  7. Kingpin
  8. Very Bad Things

This post is GREAT!



  1. April~

    Sounds like a fun filled weekend girlie:)

    My fav funny movies:

    1-Animal House
    2-Blues Brothers
    3-How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
    6-Honeymoon in Vegas:)

  2. oh what an easy recipe! i love that yours was gone and the other was not 🙂 that is a good sign. i loved sophia’s post too. so good. sounds like it was a successful weekend! props on sticking to the agua. some of my faves are night at the roxbury and romy & michele’s high school reunion. xoxo

  3. I’ve made that same corn casserole dish many times throughout the years. One time though I forgot to put the sour cream and honest to goodness, you could NOT taste the difference!

    Save at least SOME calories! 🙂

  4. I have never made that corn casserole but my kids would love it!!!

    This time a year I love Elf and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

  5. Of COURSE yours was better! I hear you on the bubble bursting – i’m seeing it happen, gradually, but nonetheless. Glad you had a good time and didn’t overindulge!! My favorite comedies are def any Austin Powers, any Adam Sandler and Old School, Superbad and Role Models!

  6. Ah silly movies. My other favourite funny man is Will Farrall (however u spell it…) Anchorman & Stepbrothers especially!
    But the silliest movie I think I have ever seen is A night at the Roxbury – have u seen it?

    • I have seen it! Have you seen Talladega Nights?? He is so funny in that one!!!!

  7. intheskinny

    I love that corn casserole recipe! I add cheese to mine too and it is divine. I can’t make it often because I will eat the entire thing in 2-3 days. Jonathan and I actually fight over it.

    That other post was hysterical and so true!

  8. I’m a bit of a My Cousin Vinny fanatic! Oh, and Best In Show is another one of my faves….you might appreciate that one, too, as a dog lover!

  9. Hey girl I was trying to respond to your comment but the email you have listed is wrong 😦

    Anyway its too funny that you mention Gatlinburg because that is where the hubbie and I are stopping overnight! We are gonna probably have dinner around town and go exploring with Daisy around the mountains! I can’t wait 🙂

  10. peanutbutterfingers

    happy gilmore is one of my all time favs too!!! it’s hysterical! i also love wedding crashers and christmas vacation for quality laughs!

  11. I like all the movies you mentioned! By the way, I think I have tried that recipie of cornbread (pudding) we called it, a few years ago – with jalapenos!! I would love to have some right now. Might need to try again!


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