Time to make the donuts!

Not really…I just couldn’t think of a title.  I went and had my Starbucks fix for the week.  Nonfat Grande Cafe Latte with a large glass of ice for my protein shake.  It was EXTRA yummy today.  Wanna know the secret ingredient?

Yes that’s right.  I packed my peppermint extract along with my shake and made a meal out of Starbucks coffee


On the way home I had an urge for a Kombucha.  I swear it’s like an addiction.  The lady asked me at the store if they tasted like vinegar.  I told her I drink vinegar in my water and pour it on my salad so it might but I like it 🙂  I also scored some white chia seeds on sale!  Wonder if they’ll make my poo a different color?  Sorry, typing out loud.

Workouts are going great!  My weight was 119 this morning.  Far from the 113 I wanted to be but i’m okay with that for now.  It’s the Holidays right?  Plus I have this addiction to guacamole and goat cheese.  I only use an oz of each a day but that’s enough to throw this bod out of whack.  I see all these fun giveaways on blogs and I want to enter but I don’t want to win…does that make sense?  I’ve told you all I have issues.  If I win the yummy stuff i’m not someone who can savor the goodies.  I have to eat everything at once.  Which is odd because I wouldn’t classify myself as a binge eater?


I’m starting to get my holiday baking list together.  Once finalized i’ll post it like I did for Thanksgiving 🙂  I’ve got my eye on many of this lady‘s recipes.  I wish she would quit adding yummy recipes so I could quit adding to the list.  I love baking for my family!


I have been having severe stomach problems lately.  It’s like a constant pain and then bloat by the end of the night.  I’m not constipated so i’m cutting out gluten for a bit to see if that helps.  The only thing I eat with that is oats and wheat bran so it’s not a big deal.  If that doesn’t help i’ll cut coffee and see what happens?  I’m just sick of being gassy and bloated all the time.  This comes and goes all the time.  I’ll be good for awhile and then it hits again.  I’m sure there is something wrong with me but when I go to the doctor all I get is a prescription for a laxative or a prescription to start my menstral cycle again.  Man, I wish I got paid $100,000 a year to give that advice.


What is your favorite exercise?  I absolutely LOVE chest flies!!!


  1. Aww we April’s have so much in common! I’ve had to deal with those same tummy problems for years and years and years! I’ve had so many tests (some of them were not so fun..) and they still don’t know what’s wrong. So apparently I have “sluggish” intestines and am on a laxative 24/7! Should I really be telling you all this? Oh well! haha. I hope your tummy is better! Try adding ground ginger to stuff.. it seems to help a little!

  2. deadlifts 🙂

  3. The title of your post brought back bad memories…. I shudder to think of Dunkin Donuts. I worked there all through my high school years and one year in college. I can’t stand the place now. Well, except for the blueberry cake donuts. Those are okay. 😉

    I wonder what’s going on with your tummy. The wheat bran porridge does wonders for me. I never get constipated anymore. I think you are doing the right thing by eliminating some foods to see if they are the culprit. It might be a gluten thing.

    I gotta find some peppermint extract…

  4. Alyson

    Gotta go with Sumo Squats, love a good butt workout 🙂

    • Oh yeah, I had those yesterday 😀

  5. Decline Flyes are my fav, followed by deadlifts, then double bicep curls on the cables. LOL. I am all over the place.

    And yes, you totally got me with the title. As you are with the other blog that keeps posting recipies, that’s how I am with yours. Everytime you post something I am forced to try it and I can’t keep up. LOL

  6. My weight is a little up right now but Im just trying to realize its the Holidays and not too stress! Enjoy the baking with my mom, dinners out with friends and family, and then once Christmas is over, get down to the nitty gritty and do what you need to do!

    I’m a big fan of shoulder presses. I feel like Ive got some strong shoulders and I like the guys giving me looks in the gym when I do those bc I can lift pretty good on shoulders!

  7. anything shoulder or Delts! i love military presses or rear delt raises-in all forms!!

    mmm peppermint extract. a little goes a LONG way!

    • I should have put a disclaimer that a little goes a long way!!! Oh well…you live and learn 😀

  8. Wow, I feel like I could have written all of this. I don’t like to classify myself as a binge eater, but I cannot have anything in the house that a normal person would savor… I eat it all at once and feel sick.

    I’ve been bloaty recently too. I don’t know why.

    And yeah, having period issues. Stupid stupid period.

    Also my weight is up again due to the bloating and it makes me frustrated. Just gotta take it one day at a time I guess. I’m kind of waiting for the holidays to be over so I can actually do something about it.

    Hm… fave exercise? I really like these crunches where you lift your legs (kind of like a teaser position) and then tap your hands on one side and then the other.

    • Serioulsy, I have to throw away some of the free samples I receive so I don’t eat them all. How pathetic is that? I’m not asking for anymore!

  9. Tea

    OH.MY.GOD. between your recipes and that chicks blog you posted I am done for lol. Her cookies look amazing! I wanted to make peanut butter cookies and then spread Nutella on them and sandwhich them together. I am drooling.

  10. Um I’ll Take those samples? LOL

    You and me both having period issues…Grrrrr. My body refuses to have one unless i’m on the damn pill. I hate it!!!!!

    Fav exercise….calves on leg press, pull-ups and tri dips on the bench:)

  11. fitlizzio

    i’m the same way. i want to enter all these contests, but i don’t because i have no off button 🙂

    favorite exercises: squats and deadlifts.

  12. intheskinny

    I’m the same way about food. I can eat it all in one sitting, but I wouldn’t classify myself as a binge eater. It best if I don’t buy anything at all!

    I’m starting to like the vinegar. I drink it with a smile on my face now. 🙂

  13. HA I am sooooooooooo on your level about having to eat everything at once! I tend to over-indulge as well, it seems its the only way to kick that craving!…..Thanksgiving day I had almost an ENTIRE box of cereal…like 70% of it….it was the cleanest/leanest thing you can find though haha Kashi’s 7 grains with literally NOTHING but the little 7 grains….so mostly a carb load day 😛 Makes me feel a little more sane/normal to know I’m not the ONLY one out there like this…

    I also feel you on wanting to enter the give-aways but not wanting to win them for that exact reason! lol

    What is Kombucha? because I loooooooooooooooove love love vinegar!

    And lemme know if you figure out the gassy/bloat mystery….I’m EXACTLY the same way. I have my good and bad days…..today has been exceptionally ridiculous with all the burping :/ grrrrr. sucks.

  14. OMG- not only do you like Tommy Boy, etc etc….you drink (and LOVE) Kombucha?!?! Yes, it is sooo addictive times 100! I, too, liek vinegary tasting things- and have been known to take a swig out of the vinegar bottle, but to me it only smells vinegar-y (the kombucha).

    What’s your favorite??

    • I actually think my favorite is the original!

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