Much better

I’m feeling MUCH better today.  I think part of my problem yesterday was I didn’t do EMC(early morning cardio).  I knew I had a tough plyo and abs workout so I slept in until 6a HA!  This morning I got up and busted out 56 mins and was sweating from my elbows and it felt GREAT!  I even went shopping with Amy again without getting all freaked out.


Thanks for all the comments and for letting me know i’m not alone.


Spirits are up today!

I just got a box of Perfect Food Bars delivered.  Oh boy, i’ll try not to eat them all in one sitting!  I think there are 12 in there.  I did try one after my workout.  I gave one to Mike and he didn’t want to try it.  He said he hates my food.  Then he tried it and said DANG these are good!  They taste like cookie dough…i’ll let him think that.  Once I devour sample the others i’ll let you know what I think.


I had an awesome back workout this afternoon followed by the second workout here.  Now i’m about to make a PWO shake.


Are you done with your shopping yet?  I’ve been done for a month now.  Mike still has a niece and nephew to buy for but of course I told him i’d pick something up at Target tomorrow.  I know EXACTLY what i’m getting my little Faith.  She’s 5 and is the size of a 2 year cute!



  1. Finished shopping months ago – I hate dealing with the crowds, haha 😉

  2. I finished shopping a long time ago.. I start shopping for people the day after Christmas when there’s all the good sales! haha

  3. intheskinny

    We just started tonight! 🙂 Got 3 out of 5 kids done and just need to shop for 2 other adults. Should be easy because I just walk around Target until I find something!

  4. Marthab

    Not done shopping. 😦

    Those bars look pretty good!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. I am blaming some of my weight gain on all the samples I have sitting around my house that I have yet to review. I have eaten 99% of foods and even though I only had one item a day, i think it was too much.

    Ps. love the hippo pic. they are too cute.

  6. i never realized how cute baby hippos are. wow.

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