I still need my mommy

Last night I had an awesome bowl of stuff.

  • Shrimp
  • Broccoli
  • Guacamole
  • Goat cheese
  • Bee pollen
  • Toasted almond slices

It was tasty!


Today after my long grueling shoulder workout I wanted a Perfect Foods Bar.  I remembered my solution to not eating them all.  I told Mike he can have the ones that are left.  Well, there was 1 cranberry one and I didn’t realize it was the Lite version until I was reading about it on their website last night.  So I conned Mike into letting me have that one 😉  OMG, I am in LOVE with these!  Between these and the Bora Bora I have found the perfect bars for me when in a pinch or in need of something sweet and natural.


In order to make the crab appetizers I need Kraft Old English Cheese Spread.  I have been to Walmart, Kroger, Target and Marsh in hunt for this stuff.  I even emailed Jessica and asked her about it.  Well Jessica my mom found it at Walmart!  I am the type of person who puts things together and refuses to read the instructions if that tells you anything.  So thanks mom!


I made a Drs. appt today.  I’ve been having digestive issues.  That on top of not having my period in over a year I thought it was time.  I’ve been miserable for a week.  I feel 4 months pregnant.  I’ve been “using” the bathroom but still feel awful.  Today was the first day I actually feel good and didn’t take a nap.  I cut out gluten and dairy and it’s not helping.  So enough is enough.

Man, that picture is painful.  It was tender to the touch also.  I took this so I can show my Dr.  I knew that by the time they actually scheduled me in I wouldn’t have the issue and they would think I was mental.  Like I said i’m better today but why does this happen?  I want to find out.  No more prescribing me a laxative or Provera to start my cycle…I want answers.


Weight was 118.4 this morning.  Not where I want to be but i’m happy it’s still under 120.  Plus since my body is going through something crazy I guess it’s okay.


Tomorrow i’m going shopping with Amy again.  She text me today to give me PLENTY of time to get mentally prepared LOL!

If you were a muppet who would you be?  I would be Red of course 😉  I loved Fraggle Rock!




  1. fitlizzio

    that bowl of slop looks amazing 🙂 hopefully the doctors can figure out what’s going on…hope you feel better!!

  2. Alyson

    Oh I’m so sorry you’re having stomach problems.. but hopefully they can sort it out, and in the mean time NO STRESSING over the numbers on the scale. And that bowl looks fantastic!

  3. Let the music play, (clap clap) down in Fraggle Rock! Wow, that brings back memories! I don’t remember the different Fraggles, but I do remember the song!

    April – Geesh, I can’t believe you haven’t seen a doctor yet. That looks very painful and bloat can be the worst feeling in the world! I really hope that the doctor can figure it out and if not, keep researching on the internet for home remedies. I watch that show Mystery Diagnosis a lot and it’s amazing how many doctors misdiagnose conditions.

  4. Oh Honey..that does not look good:( You know me, the master of having tummy issues. I had to have a colonoscopy last year…I do NOT reccomend!

    Anyway…take SF Metomucil and the CALM (magnesium sup). Those together ensure I can go. It’s weird since I eat lots of good healthy fats, greens and fiber!!!!!

    Oh..I can’t produce a period unless i’m on the pill, went 7 months without and my Dr freaked! You are much more prone to cervical cancer with the sloughing of inner skin(gross i know)

    I hope you get better soon…HUGS!!!


  5. oh eesh that does look painful. Best wishes girl 🙂

  6. Marianne

    If provera doesn’t induce a period after taking it for 10 days then it is likely you aren’t producing enough estrogen to build up the lining of your uterus. Which I’m sure the doctor will likely link to low body fat (not saying that is why you don’t have a cycle but it usually what conclusion doctors come to when they see athletes).

    I have the same problem (no periods)…I see a reproductive endocrinologist. Don’t know if my missing cycle is low body fat related (i’m a runner and gym junkie) or if it is because I have thyroid problems. I would highly recommend a repro endo at a university hospital if at all possible. Hope you feel better soon and have doctor who listens to ya!! cuz it sure sucks when they don’t!

  7. Marianne

    Oh yeah, forgot to add that if you don’t want to take provera (I refused to take it) then check out prometrium (natural progesterone). I was very hesitant to take anything but i finally decide to go the natural route and have had some mixed results…sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. Just another option.

  8. I really like the Bora Bora bars too! And thanks for the bar review in your prev post as well.

    Good luck at the dr’s appt!

    And the brock salad mess looks awesome 🙂

  9. eek! I’m so sorry you’re having these stomach problems! Seems painfully uncomfortable – I hope they find a solution quick!

  10. I am so glad you found it! Thank goodness!!

  11. oh no i am so sorry you are having some stomach issues! I hope your doc gets everything figured out ASAP! I did use my HR monitor during my weight training session and I was surprised!! I burned 424 calories in about an hour! pretty awesome!

  12. Man!!! So sorry April! That does not look or sound like fun! Digestive issues are the worst! I hope your doctor can get to the bottom of it!!!

    Way to go on the weight! I’d really really really like to be at 118.4 myself! 🙂 I’m slowly but surely getting there. It feels so good to be back in a healthy mindset. Being healthy is the ONLY way to go.

  13. I am sorry about your tummy! I can definitely relate. That is how I would get before I took gluten out of my diet. I hope the doctor is able to figure it out…keep us posted and my thoughts are with you!! 🙂

  14. i hope they can figure out a solution! i love perfect foods bars. the PB one? YUM.

  15. Ok, up to speed now. Let me know what they say, will you? That picture DOES look painful and tender to the touch…looks and souds just like post-comp bloat for me…but I know that’s not what it is for you.

    If I were a muppet, I would totally be fozzy because he has always been the coolest. duh.

  16. Oh no! I missed this. I hope you find your answers. As someone who has digestion issues, I can relate. Sometimes it can seem to happen out of nowhere. I am keeping you in my thoughts. Big gentle hugs to you!


    I’m worried. 😦

    P.S. Do you take probiotics, enzymes, etc.? If you want, we can share notes. Feel free to email me any time about it. I feel like I’ve tried a ton!

  17. oh april! that pic looks painful!! i do hope the dr’s can figure it outfor you ASAP! and please,do get 2nd,3rd,4th opinions if you need to…thoughts and prayres are with you-hope the tummy troubles get better!!!

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