Shopping, Baking and Redneck Fudge

3 of my favorite things!


First of all I want to thank each of you for your comments about my problems lately.  I was reluctant to blog about it but how else are you to find out if others have problems unless you unleash yours?  I made an appt with the gyno for 1/5/10.  I will see if they refer me to a specialist.  If not i’m going to have a consult with a gastrologist.  I’ll keep you posted 😀


Today I felt much better although my appetite has been gone.  I’m afraid to eat….if that makes sense.  Don’t worry, I AM eating 😉

I went shopping with Amy today and we had a blast as usual.  Then I started making things 😀

You can’t see the red velvet cookie that well.  I’ve got a better picture of them on my new camera i’ll post tomorrow.  They are Mike’s favorite of all times cookie he says 😀

These are awaiting a chocolate bath!

Here’s my Redneck version of fudge:

  • 1 jar of PB
  • 1 jar of chocolate frosting

Microwave each for 1 min.  Do them seperate.  I tried at the same time and they didn’t melt as well.

Just mix both together and chill!  Mmm..i’m paying for licking the bowl today.  My legs are sausages.


Tonight for Mike’s dinner I just microwaved some cheesy rice and put a chicken breast on it.  He thought it was fabulous HA!  I had a whey shake.  Tomorrow I may do an all whey shake day.  I always feel good after a liquid day which makes sense seeing as my body doesn’t digest food well!  LIGHTBULB!  So tomorrow we have a “date night” where we aren’t leaving the house.  We are going to watch The Hangover on Demand and have hamburgers 😀  I’ll make him onion rings and i’ll have green bean fries on the side WOO!


Peacock…that’s a funny word if you think about it.



  1. Redneck Fudge….LOVE IT!!! 🙂

    Glad you are feeling better too!

  2. Ok, I must be reading backwards b/c i missed the gyno post.

    Have you noticed that you bake more now that you don’t eat that stuff as much? I bake/want to bake more now than ever before!!

    • I only bake during the holidays…but I eat it 🙂

  3. PEACOCK hahahahaha

  4. I’m glad your feeling better! My stomach has been feeling like crap these past couple days.. I really wonder if my stomach is sensitive to preservatives? It’s weird!

    And that fudge idea is genius!! Mmm! Have you gotten any packages in the mail yet? 😉

  5. Alyson

    Those lemon poppyseed cookies look great.. one of my faves. And I seriously did not need to know such an easy, eat yummy sounding fudge recipe! Curious to hear how the whey day goes. Happy date night!

    • Gah! I can’t do the whey day tomorrow because of date night 😀 I’ve done them before…after breakfast it’s smooth sailing. My oats are hard to give up.

  6. Oh no. I’m behind. Must catch up on blogs.

    I thought I was a redneck, but I ain’t ne’er hearduh that thurrr fudge. I want to make it! but I’m out of grocery funds for the week. BOOO.

  7. You may have a worm! I know that sounds a little grose, but is really common and can cause a lot of digestive upsets and bloating… A naturopath or kinesiologist would more likely be able to pick it up than a regular GP. I had one a year and a bit ago, had to take this worming remedy lol- liquid herbals and got rid of it in about 5-6weeks. You could also possibly be reacting to gluten or dairy. Hope that helps!

  8. PS please send red velvet cookie recipe. I am sure you use the cake mix…but what else?

  9. yummy! Those poppy seed cookies look so moist…I love anything with lemon! Hope you figure out your belly bloat issues….enjoy your holidays April!

  10. i should know better than to read a post that has fudge in the title….seriously,all i want to do now is eat cookies and fudge!!! LOL!!!!

    have fun fun on the date night,enjoy the holidays and all your yummolicious goodies!!

  11. you never cease to make me smile!

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