of the pumpkin shortage.   I haven’t used pumpkin in awhile because i’m cutting back on sugar.  There is no sugar in the goodies i’m making..no sir.  I got a special package in the mail from a sweet little girl named April.  Not to be confused with a grumpy old hag named April.

In the container are the ingredients to make her dark chocolate muffins!  YIPPEE!  Plus she sent a little mini loaf of clean banana bread.  I stress the mini because Boomer and I ate the whole thing 😀  Notice there isn’t a picture of the small teeny loaf…ahem.   So anyhow, no pumpkin around so I’ll have to wait to devour the entire batch make the muffins.


Boomer and I went to the puppy store today aka PetSmart.  Her little tail wagged the entire time and she was very happy to get to go to the store with mommy.  Then I went to the Vitamin Shoppe and got some of these:

It’s worth a shot!  Maybe my body needs some bacteria.  Actually i’m not constipated for once so that’s a plus.


I received these samples in the mail today also.  Hey you saw my stomach i’ll give anything a shot.  I don’t typically eat a lot of dairy but do have cottage cheese on occasion.


1 pkg shirataki noodles


goat cheese

black pepper

This was good!  I have not had 1 green vegetable today and so far i’m feeling better.  The lower part of my pelvic region feels a little hurty but it’s tolerable.


Date night with Mikey tonight!  Last night we were getting excited about it.  He’s been working so much lately even at home and it blows.  I told him i’ll make burgers and we’ll watch The Hangover…then he throws in “Can we make out?”  LOL!  Gotta love his never give up-ness.  You know i’m from Indiana so that grammar is okay.


I wents to da puppy stores today!


What is your favorite Christmas movie?  I think I said it before…mine is Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas LOVE IT!



  1. Aw, what a nice surprise to get in the mail! What a sweet friend!

    My fav. Christmas movie of all time is While You Were Sleeping with Sandra Bullock. I am not sure if it is really a Christmas movie, but it takes place over Christmas and it’s my favorite movie anytime of the year. 🙂 Nothing beats a ’90s movie. Those were good times for the silver screen IMO.

  2. Let us know if the pearls work!! My tum has been horrible. And unfortunately I AM constipated. TMI, sorry.

  3. Can we make out! LOL! Gotta love it!! Me and hubs watched The Hangover on Sunday…it was good 🙂

    Favorite christmas movie? I gotta go with Elf…and Home Alone…Elf is my favorite though 🙂

    what’s a christmas gram…I want one 🙂

  4. My favorite Christmas movie is “A Christmas Story”…LOVE IT!

    Off topic but have you ever tried Almond Cheese? I don’t do dairy either and I use almond milk and almond cheese. It is AWESOME, tastes totally great and it melts like completely normal cheese. Here is the link to the website of the brand I use. (I find it at Whole Foods)

  5. Yay I’m so glad you liked the bread and that the muffin mix came in one piece!

    Your lunch looks good.. I love shirataki noodles cause you can eat the whole package!

    My favorite Christmas movie is either A Christmas Story or one of those cartoon ones!

  6. A Christmas Story~ I mean like dude, it’s not the holidays until I see it once or five times:)

    I LOVED the pearls..good luck and Marry Christmas April!


  7. what a lovely package from april!
    i love probiotics, I am such a fan. I make a homemade countertop kefir that is soooo easy and loaded with great probiotics, hope it’s ok to put the link here, it may really help balance your gut and is a fraction of the price and better for you than storebought

  8. Girl it sounds like you have a tummy like mine. I’m “somewhat” lactose intolerant but oddly enough I can have SOME dairy; like yogurt seems to be ok. Then last night at my family’s house I had some scalloped potatoes (with cream I’m guessing) and had to leave early because my stomach was in severe pain. ;-0 Not fun. The week before that I’d had a few dips of spinach dip, seriously not a lot or a pig-out session at all- totally sick. WAAAH. I’m not into the idea of taking pills really, I feel like it’s best for me to just avoid the foods that make me want to jump off a cliff. Kinda sucks though. ;-(

  9. Evelyne

    “Can we make out?” SO damn cute! LOVED the pic of Boomer, she’s adorable. Hope the probiotics work for you. How sweet of April to send you those goodies. Mmm-mmm!

    Hope you are having a wonderful and Merry Christmas!

  10. I so wish I liked those noodles – they always look so good but I can’t eat them. 😦 boo!!

    I love The Family Stone, Love Actually, While You Were Sleeping, The Holiday, Home Alone, Elf and Bridget Jones!

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