Christmas Eve

I feel like I’ve not blogged in forever 🙂  Let’s see if my memory is up to par.  Doubt it.

I’ll give you one guess what my breakfast was:

Christmas Eve was a great night!  My mom and dad have been divorced for 6 years but we all still get together to celebrate Christmas.  That was their favorite time of the year to spoil Rachel and I and  well…they still do.

Gotta  love the bright shining smile of a 34 year old when they receive their stocking.

Gotta love a 58 year old who continuously played their LOUD gift all night.  Thankfully he knows how to play a guitar.   His present was the hit of the night.  I’m a pretty good daughter 😉 

Gotta love FOOD!  The crab appetizers I made were the hit I must say. (Mike just whispered in my ear…I wish I had more of those crab appetizers LOL)

Gotta love your little drummer boy.

Gotta love your sissy and her hubby.  He flipped me off after taking this.

Gotta love your grandma.  The dog my mom got her is now at my uncles house.  She has no clue she ever had one.  Luckily she still knows our names.

Gotta love your mommy.

Gotta love your fur baby.

You don’t gotta love the feeling of eating greasy food etc….BLAH!  I was going to make corn casserole but to be honest the thought of it made me sick today.  So i’ll just take over the desserts I have left from yesterday.  I’m so OVER eating like crap.  Well not like crap but not plain jane chicken with broccoli.  Now i’m off to celebrate Christmas number 3!



  1. WOO! Looks like a good time though. Your mom is so cute, too! I think you look like her!! 🙂

    I hear you on the eating thing. Going to Christmas number three tomorrow, one each day (friends Christmas is tonight) EH!!

  2. Is that guitar on his shirt? It looks like it! LOL! That spread on the table looks fabulous! My diet would have been out the window in a second! Have fun at Christmas number 3!

    • That is a guitar. It comes with an amp too 😀 It’s so awesome! He’s a walking band LOL!

  3. So glad you liked the crab bites!! 🙂

  4. intheskinny

    It looks like you had a good Christmas!

    I’m so over the food thing too…I just want my schedule back and eat my tasty dry chicken. Yes, I’m a big whiny baby. 😉

  5. fitlizzio

    haha love the rock band shots. i love people’s faces (including myself) when they play. So serious!

    i hear ya, i only had one indulgent meal but it was enough for me to miss my veggies and chickadee!

  6. Merry Christmas!!!

  7. Margarita

    There’s nothing like having a great time with the family and enjoying the good foods!! 🙂

    I said it before and I say it again – your momma is one HOTTT momma!!! 😉

  8. Aww your family is beautiful! I’m feeling the same way.. I want some clean eats!!

  9. Your momma is BEAUTIFUL!

    Oh and PS–Im tired of the eats too. About one more day and some semblance of normal can occur.

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