Christmas Day

I woke up Christmas morning and went right to the treadmill.  I busted out a good cardio while watching The Christmas Story.  I love that movie.  Especially since the family live in Indiana.


Next up was making breakfast.  I made Mike hot chocolate and egg salad muffins.  When Mike and I first started having Christmas together he told me his mom always had egg salad sandwiches and hot chocolate for him and his sisters.  So being the good wife I am kept that tradition.  He hates traditions 😉  For myself, protein cake with oatmeal on top.  I’ve stopped egg whites for a bit, I think this may have something to do with my bad gas and stomach problems?


Time to look in our stockings and open presents!  I won’t list everything but here are a few things I got:

  • Massage gift certificate
  • New TV for my treadmill
  • Hair accessories
  • Nike clothing

I really can’t remember everything.  The Nike clothes are smalls.  I still have in my head that I am a hippopotamus.  I can’t believe I wear a small.



I’ve had this TV since I was 14…that’s 20 years!!


WOOHOO!  It also has a DVD player on it.  Now I can watch movies and even workout DVD’s.  Mike’s going to hook up the tivo to it also BONUS!


Christmas day was spent at Mike’s parents.  I love his family and my nieces and nephew.  No pictures because I thought I forgot my camera.  Come to find out it was in my coat the entire time!


Some people love football a little too much.

I’m so glad the festive eating is over.  I’m back to me!!

How did you fare over the holidays?  I don’t want to step on the scale but I HAVE to to keep me on track.  I’ll wait until Wednesday so I can get some of this water and salt out of my system.



  1. Glad you had a good holiday!!

  2. Kathi

    Unlike you I stepped on the scale! Yickes maybe I should have waited. It is good to be back on track and working on taking it back down.

  3. That is a fancy treadmill tv! I’m jealous!

  4. I didnt receive a single gift. We’re traveling so that’s fine and we got gifts for our child, but we didnt receive anything so I fared a goose egg materialistically but in my heart, I am rich b/c of my cherished family moments 🙂

  5. Well, other than the fact that my legs turned into 2 huge pastry rolls, FINE! The amount of salt and water my body holds onto is ridiculous! An extra 2 inches in the thighs, Geez! No scale for me either. You should call your blog, the “Weight I Ain’t” for the next 2 days. 😉

  6. Sundie

    I did okay but I am like you, I am ready to get things back to normal. It is too easy to fall for the bad food once you have a taste of it again.

    What a gift to give to yourself on Christmas, running on the treadmill. I did the same thing minus the running part.

  7. Ok, now this song is in my head..has been all day (its my hubby’s ringer)…I want a hippopotomus for christmas…only a hippopotomus will do…don’t want a doll..a rinky tinky toy..haha 🙂

    Glad you had a great Christmas April!!

  8. peanutbutterfingers

    good for you for working out on christmas! dang girl. i definitely gained weight over christmas, but all the tasty food was worth it! back to healthy eating today!

  9. Wow, your new TV is the bomb. I haz a jealous!
    How is your groin, back to normal? Like are you able to hit the speeds you used to on the treaddy?

    • I’m able to hit 8.5 so i’m almost there. My treadmill only goes to 10. Of course I can only do that for about 30 secs 😀

  10. oh i am so jealous of your TV and for the fact that you pulled a melissa and hit the TM on xmas morning! i wanted to so bad but this all day sickness has left me out of comission for running (even though i FORCED myslef to go to gym yesterday!!)
    i just had to LOL about the Christmas Story movie…i have always LOVED that movie and since now i live in IN,i pick up on more of the humor in it…and since i live in Terre Haute,i laughed out loud on xmas while i was watching it bc when ralphie and randy went to see santa,good ol Terre Haute got a shout out!!
    sounds like you had a great christmas,and im sure you will reach 115 sooner than you think!!!

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