Ouch but it feels so good!

I have a love/hate relationship with the following:

I asked for a foam roller for Christmas but didn’t get it.  I had to take matters into my own hands.  Truth is I doubt anyone in my family even knows they exist.  I also asked for Bumpits.  I went to Target this morning and actually had them in my cart.  Then I realized I never fixed my hair and it would be a waste of $10.  I’ll go stock up on Kombucha tomorrow because that is worth it in my book.  Who am I kidding i’ll end up with the Bumpits because i’m a sucker like that.


This morning I woke up and didn’t feel like working out.  I knew if I didn’t I would hate myself so I went ahead and did an old Firm video.  The Maximum Cardio Burn.  I haven’t used the Firm videos in 3 years and WOW it was a great workout!  This afternoon I did a LONG shoulder workout and they are sure to be sore tomorrow.  Mike is headed up north to get a ping pong table for one of his friends.  That’s what happens when you are that guy who owns a truck.  Since i’ll be bored i’ll do some incline walking or something to get more Christmas bloat out of my system.


My switch is now turned ON.  The brownies and fudge I kept devouring Saturday were still around when I went to my gma’s yesterday.  They even ordered pizza and I didn’t have any.  I just keep thinking of my cruise and how good I want to look and feel then.  I’m also not using the massage gift certificate Mike got for me until I hit 115.  I’ll weigh Wednesday and let you know how far off I am 🙂


Have you ever used the Firm videos?  Which is your favorite?



  1. ha! i got a foam roller for xmas. and marshall said he was thisclose to getting me a bumpit as a joke but then realized it would be a waste of $10.


  2. I need a foam roller for at home. Dang. It was the Firm Videos that really got me started in using weights. The 1st 5-8 years after college when I finally started working out, I was all about Taebo and only Taebo. Then – somehow I started using the Firm and got hooked. I liked them up until the Transfirmer days. The thing is- all the good kick butt instructors left and then their workouts got more and more lame and they all required new equipment- each time. And their website SUCKS big time, I haven’t checked it out in ages but I was left WANTING. LOL Then I discovered Cathe, and her workouts made the Firm seem like grade school. (p.s. I just ordere 9 new Cathe Shock Cardio DVDs….whoa!)
    **I’ve been “preaching” this a lot lately- I think going back and doing some older workouts is good; if you focus on good form AND use heavy weights, you’ll get in a crazy workout. And the body won’t know what hit it.

    • You know I love me some Cathe…preach all you want!

      I agree, the transfirmer was a joke. I actually took those dvd’s to the half price bookstore and got $5 for them LOL!

  3. I LOVE the foam roller…but I also HATE it! It is a killer but it hurts so good! 🙂

  4. Marthab

    The foam roller is where it’s at. An essential for recovery.

  5. I used the Firm! Old ones with 80s outfits 🙂 Tough Tape 2 and Lower Body Split were in regular rotation for me for a while. I bet they’d still kick my butt!

  6. I’ve never really got why that thing is needed, to tell you the truth..isn’t a carpet good enough? But I’m probably missing something here…

    Best of luck on your weigh-in!

    • I’ve tried the pool noodles, styrofoam balls, and other things but nothing compares to the real thing 🙂 It’s like a painful massage ahhh…

      Thanks for the luck! I think i’m going to need it!

  7. I haven’t! But I wanted a foam roller for hip flexor exercises!!

  8. ahh the foam roller. My personal heaven AND hell.

  9. foam rollers are friggin AWESOME!!!
    btw thanks for the comment on my blog!!
    i will be posting pictures every month of my belly-i finally got a camera for xmas!!

  10. I haz a foam roller. I love it too.

    I have bumpits. I was a sucker and paid $20 for the deluxe set (before they were avail at walmart or target) and guess how many times I have used them since I bought them last March? 1 time. For my figure show…and I didn’t even do it, Jessica did. I do not do hair.

    My switch is on 99% of the time now but a wandering chocolate chip escapes me from time to time. GO YOU!

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