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Did I really just got to Target in the 6º weather?  I must be addicted.  It is so stinking cold out today.  The kind that when you walk out your boogers freeze.  The kind of day that requires a fire.

Notice what is on the TV?  Yep, I did Cathe’s Body Max 2 cardio only today.  Then unlike some people I did abs for fun.  I even used 2 risers…sometimes I wuss out and only use 1 set.  I was really hot considering the fire was roaring 🙂  She would say can you feel the heat and I would say YES!!!  Man, I was huffin and puffin.  I yelled out 113!  Mike said are you going to live LOL!  Sometimes it feels good to do something other than the treadmill.


Next up should be my bi/tri workout but I may do shoulders instead?  We are having a painter paint our house Tuesday so i’m not sure if i’ll get a weight workout in or not.  We’ll see…i’m NOT going to stress about it.  We are putting our house up for sale so we are taking all the little things out looks so bare.  I don’t like it.  At least I have some tasks to keep me busy this week.  I really need to load up my car and take a lot to Goodwill.  Now that I don’t have a job and i’m becoming a tight wad on certain things I realize we don’t need a lot of stupid junk.  Healthy food will always be a priority.  Mike is thinking of selling his truck and getting a car better on gas to drive to and from work.  That and he really isn’t a truck guy.


I’m out of almond cheese.  Thanks Kelly for getting me addicted.  I love the jalapeno kind.


Jalapeno – juh-lap-peeno…that’s how my mind reads that word.


Do you use real or liquid egg whites?  I used to use liquid ones but because of money reasons switched to real.



  1. Sylvia

    I used to use the liquid ones, I can get them for the same price as real ones. But the liquid ones are so high in sodium so I switched to real. I feel guilty for wasting yolks tho, the liquid ones gave me peace of mind that I wasn’t wasting anything. But, I am using real right now

  2. intheskinny

    Haha…I can’t believe you really went to Target.

    I liked that you yelled out 113 during your workout. I might have to steal that idea!

    I have been using liquid eggs whites just because it’s easier in the morning. But the real thing tastes better so I may have to switch.

  3. I am so glad you like the almond cheese…isn’t it awesome?!? My favorite is the cheddar but the hubs loves the jalepeno kind too! I just wish is came pre-sliced! 🙂

  4. I don’t use liquid egg whites, but I think that’s a neat concept!!

    I think it’s really funny that you yelled 113 out while working it!
    ❤ jess

  5. For some reason liquid egg whites freak me out … I use real ones! But I have used liquid in my protein shakes before.

  6. Happy 2010 April!
    Thanks for your great comments on the balls and ohter posts 🙂

    I cant believe you’ve been blogging 3 yrs…wow, that’s amazing and awesome!

    As for the weather…grew up in rural MN then IL and cannot say I miss those temps. I am such a lightweight now w/ cold weather, 55F is “freezing” to me. Hang in there hon!

  7. Hey!! I use the liquid ones. Trader Joes has a kind that cheap and is 100% egg whites. So this works for me. I hope you having an awesome day! That sounds waaaay too cold for me! wow! Keep warm!

  8. I use liquid – I don’t even know how to separate real ones! haha OMG – that weather is ridiculous…..

  9. It is so cold here too. Waking up was not easy this morning.

    I LOVE almond cheese. It is so tasty!

  10. I use both! In recipes I usually use liquid egg whites, but If Im just making scrambled eggs or something, I used the real egg whites.

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