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Today i’ve been a busy body.  It’s a good thing too because I look 4 months pregnant again and can’t breathe.  So I tried to keep my mind off the fact that I am not myself today.  I couldn’t even finish my cardio after my chest workout.  I did manage a GREAT cardio this morning.  I feel great when I wake up but then as the day goes on it gets worse.  Tomorrow at 3:30p is my dr. appt.  I took a picture of my stomach so they can see what it looks like.  It’s NOT normal!  I’m also starting to feel nauseous and dizzy.  I’ve put this off long enough…I hate drs.  I need to feel better stat!


I’ve been cleaning out closets and staging our house for showings since it’s back up for sale.  I took a lot of junk items to Goodwill.  Then I dropped some movies off at the video store, went to Nature’s Cupboard where I bought some almond milk and a Kombucha, went to the Vitamin Shoppe, then my last stop was JCPenney.  There I bought a new comforter set!!  I know, I know, I have said how I don’t do mindless spending anymore but this is for showings only.  Since Boomer sleeps with us at the beginning of the night we will only use this for showings 🙂

I also bought grandma some new sweatshirts.  She’s been wearing the same one over and over.  GMA Pimpin’


My next big purchase will be a 30lb dumbbell.  I have 1 but now that my chesticles are strong I need another for some serious dumbbell flies.


Heroes starts tonight!!  Are you a fan?



  1. holy crap! you do 30 lb flyes!!! OMG you’ve got some major chesticles! i can only do 15 but i can do 35 lb presses…hmm..

  2. Sundie

    Love it, Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I am so sorry that your tummy is acting crazy again! Did the Kombucha help? That helps me sometimes! Ugh…definitely keep us posted with the Dr.’s appointment tomorrow…so SMART of you to take pictures! I will think really good thoughts for you tomorrow!!! 🙂

  4. fitlizzio

    hope everything goes okay at the doctor tomorrow!!

    i do mindless shopping when i shouldn’t as well. it’s either that or mindless eating. i’d rather be broke 🙂

  5. I hope your doctor’s appointment goes well! Let me know what he says!

    And 30 lb dumbbells?? You’ve got some major chest muscles girl!!

  6. April…..dang I wonder if its a hernia? I saw that photo and knew something was off. PLEASE let me know when you get it figured out.

    30lb flys…awesome. I’m at 25lbs but ready to take the leap up. Wohoooo for chicks who lift heavy!


    • Yep, need to make the leap. It’s tough but once you get there and do them it makes the 25’s seem lighter…I hope LOL!

  7. i hope your Dr visit will go well for you!!! very smart of you taking pictures bc im sure you have figured out that when you go to a dr and feel OK,then “nothing is wrong”…geez ive been watching way too many episodes of mystery diagnosis…lol!!
    anyways,i do hope you feel better soon and the preggers feeling/look subsides ASAP!!!

    and yeah,btw 30lb flys is frigging awesome! i cant go higher than 15!

    and OH another btw i was catching up on your post and on your happy bday to your blog i ran across your second comp blog from the IN show and my butt was on there right next to yours….and i must say,what a fine pair of buns!!

    • My buns are twice as big as yours though 😉 I remember telling Jodi you and that Kera chick has the tiniest butts!!!!

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