Trying to rest day

Do you have problems taking a rest day?  I’m really fiending to workout!  I know it will do my body good to rest so I will do it.


The painter is on his way!  I took before pictures of my kitchen and hall and i’ll post the befores and afters when we’re done.  I say we’re because i’ll help.  That’s a workout right?  😀


I have my appt. at 3:30p.  I’m not expecting to find answers today but at least i’ll have some direction.

So cute!



  1. Marthab

    You’re the boss, April. Tell them to figure it out or send you to someone else who can. I’m so sick of doctors who push you off and tell you lies! THEY work for YOU!

    Keep us updated.


  2. I have major issues taking a rest day! To be honest I haven’t had a real rest day since Christmas. But I’m counting the yoga I did on sunday as rest! This next week I know I need to take off though.

  3. I feel your pain! Rest days that come unexpectedly always throw me for a loop and leave me restless and feeling guilty BUT sometimes we just gotta suck it up and enjoy the time off! Your body will be happy with you for doing so! Try not to let it eat you up! Have fun painting!!!

  4. I make myself take EVERY Sunday off. I work out hard Monday through Saturday and then I enjoy my Sunday. It is a day to sleep late and just be laid back. I might go on a walk with my husband or do some light stretching but I definitely don’t break a sweat or get my heart rate moving. I think it is just all about listening to what your body needs. For me…that Sunday off completely rejuvinates me for the week to come.

    Goodluck at the doctor!!! 🙂

  5. Unfortuantely, I dont have much issues with rest days! haha 🙂

    hope the doc goes well!

  6. I love a rest day, but it is hard to take them sometimes. I usually plan it for Sunday, so it’s like my one full relax day.

  7. Rest days are easy for me right now. When I am in the flow it is much harder to take a rest day. They guilt alone would overcome me.

    Good luck at the appointment!

  8. I take Saturday and Sunday off most of the time…


  9. fitlizzio

    haha! i love that picture!

    and yes, trying to rest is EXTREMELY hard for me…but i know it”s the right thing sometimes.

  10. i totally have a problem taking a “day off.” i haven’t taken a day off in about 2 months i think. its like i want to, but then i feel guilty and i dont. i dont even have any reason to feel guilty either considering the way i eat and i know i should take a day off…but then again i SHOULD do a lot of other things too..

  11. intheskinny

    I have a problem taking off days too. Everyone seems to take off Sundays, but that means that the gym is extra empty….so I’ll still want to go workout.

    I hope your doctor’s appointment went well.

  12. Love the picture!!! =)

    I do have that ‘itch’ to do something on days that I’m not exercising but I’ve started getting used to it. Usually I get myself out of the house to take my mind off it and being able to move around even if it’s just walking makes me feel better. =)

    All the best for your appointment!!


  13. YES! sometimes on my rest days I get that guilty feeling like ‘oh I should be in the gym’ btu then I think that i KNOW how impt recovery is for my body and I let it happen and enjoy!

  14. I’m pretty dang good at taking rest days. hehe

  15. I don’t really take rest days that much. But I never work out strenuously enough to need rest days.

    Best of luck in your appointment!

  16. While i LOVE working out, I also LOVE my family times on the weekend. Soooo…after my long run on Saturday that’s it for me until bright and early Monday morning. Sundays are a day of rest, in every way! 🙂

  17. I take a rest day at least once a week! I usually choose Fridays, as those can often be tiring and crazy!!

    I think it’s very important to let our body’s rest, no matter how hard it may be!
    ❤ jess

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