Verdict is in…Opinions?

First off, rest day was a success!  This morning I slept until 645a and didn’t really want to get on the treadmill.  I did and went 4 miles in 40 minutes.  I normally do walk/runs but jogged the whole time and ran a few minutes.  It felt great!  I guess I needed the rest.  Next up is legs and more cardio.


The Verdict.

Provera to start my cycle.  I AM taking it this time.  She said I NEED a period at least 4 times a year.  Being 34 and not having a period can lead to many bone diseases etc..she scared me into it pretty much.  My gma had a hysterectomy in her 40’s because of cancer.  She was never on BC or anything, no periods and now has a hump back.  I do NOT want to be like that.  So I need to have my period and hormones I guess.

She told me I undereat and over exercise.  BS…that’s what I think about that.  I think they are so used to seeing big fat women they don’t know any different.  My BMI is on the lower end so i’m unhealthy?  If I ate fast food everyday and didn’t exercise then what’s wrong with me?  That sort of pissed me off but I do understand for my health I NEED to have a period.  Then she looked at my chart from 2006 when I didn’t have a period and I weighed 132 lbs.  Take that biatch…it’s NOT my weight.

The place where i’m swollen sometimes and tender is my colon.  I’m not constipated so my next step is to set up an appt with a gastro doc.  Uterus is small but doesn’t have cysts or anything.  I felt like I was in there forever.  Oh and i’m not pregnant 😉  They had to check that before I could start taking the Provera.  I should have a period in 2.5 weeks and it’s going to be a doozy!!!!  I can’t wait!!  (sarcasm)

So I can hope that maybe this will kickstart my cycles again or I can go on birth control.  That or I can keep taking Provera to make sure that I have 4 cycles a year.


I’ll fess up and admit I don’t take BC because I don’t want to gain weight.  Or at least that’s why i’ve never been on it.  I used to be an Ephedra junkie and didn’t care if I died because then at least I would be a skeleton and finally thin.  I know, the stupid things we do and say when we’re younger.  Now i’m at the point where I just want to be healthy and take care of my body.

So what BC do you take?  I’m so confused.  I don’t know what to do.  Go on BC, Use Provera when needed, get a bone disease, get fat and see if it comes back? 

On a happier note I found this while cleaning.  I’ll post some pics of the after paint job once I get the house organized.  It feels and looks much better 😀



  1. I am glad you are going on a pill! I think that getting your period, while not fun, is very important to our bodies. If we aren’t getting our period, something is wrong.

    Hope you figure stuff out!
    Cute picture!
    ❤ jess

  2. Hey.
    Well, I agree with what you said about your doc. In some cases yes, I think some women do undereat and excercise too much but you are healthy looking, not a sack of nasty bones so we know it’s not that. Love the bit about your weight in 2006, too. BOOYAH BIATCH! LOL…

    I take the generic ortho tri-cyclen lo dose which, as my doc explains, is lower estrogen. My periods are regular, (when not comp dieting and super lean anyway) and they only last 4 days max…it’s pretty good. I’ve been on it for over 10 years years, have not gained too much weight (or maybe I just know how to manage it now? Not sure) and have clear skin. I’m stickin’ with it.

    I hope they can figure out what is going on with your belly! 😦

    OH AND I LOVE that pic of you and Boomer!! I wish I had a digital camera when Petey was a baby… I dont have many good baby pics. 😦

    • Heck I didn’t have a digital camera 10 years ago either. I just took a pic without the flash of the picture. It’s the redneck version of a photo scanner 😉

  3. ana

    im an ephedra junkie too…..and hummm i dont care. and i still take it sometimes. and the “healthy” note when i competed i went to the hospital cause of my gaulbladder and the nurse was telling another nurse just a few feet away from me…..”she has all the symptoms of anorexia wtf!!! people are quick to judge.

  4. ana

    oh yeah no birth controll for me this factory is shut down!

  5. Margarita

    Hey – I will have to agree with Becca.. if anything, and as I pointed out in my email earlier – ortho tri-cyclen lo doze will be your best bet. As a matter of fact, I was thinking about getting on it myself. I have my OBGYN appt this afternoon so I am going to talk to him about it (yes, my gyno is a guy and I LOVE him! He’s the best ;)).

    As far as over-exercise and under-eat – *EYEROLL* I get that ALOT from my gyno-guy too. Every time he sees me, he does mention that I need fat! LOL WHATEVER! I have enough to have my period… but I did mention to him that I want to get down to a lower BF% so that I do NOT have periods! lol I thought he was going to have a heart attack upon hearing that…

    Anyway – good luck! Let us know what BC you decide on… I am sure you will anyway. 🙂


    • My “real” gyno is a man too 🙂 He looks like a Harley rider. He’s so funny. This was the nurse lady. I just had her do the exam since he’s always busy delivering babies.

  6. Im glad that you are finally going to get a period 😉 Hey if we all have to deal with one, you should too! LOL!

    Im not on bc anymore….i used to be on the ortho tri cyclen also…I dont think i gained anything on it…but i was also heavier when i was taking it so im not sure 😉

    OMG! Baby Boomer!!!!! Now i have to post a baby scooby pic! LOL! I only have 2 that my cousin sent me because i didn’t get scooby until he was almost 2…I want another pup!

  7. I haven’t had a period in almost 2 years. I’ve told my regular doc and my gyno and no one seems to think it’s an issue at all. I am on the generic for Yaz (lo-doze) and they said I should expect shorter lighter periods and that when added to my level of activity might find me where I’m at today. No periods at all and no one thinks it’s a problem. Hmmm….

    • Maybe they aren’t worried since you are using the pill? You’re getting some girly stuff in your body 😀

  8. Oh my!! I hope this works! 😦 Thinking of you!!

  9. I take Yasmin. I don’t think I gained any weight on. ACtually, Yasmin has a bit of a dierutic effect so they say you dont retain water on it like the others!

    I wish I knew Eddie when he was a puppy. I adopted him as an adult, so all I have is my imagination.

  10. I’m just on a low-dose BC Pill- Microgestin 1.5/30. I just went to the OB yesterday and had to go up in dosage. But in nursing school I learned that the pill doesn’t make you gain weight.. although sometimes the shot can. But my Nurse Pracitioner said most people don’t gain weight.. the reason why that rumor started was because most people start taking BC in college when their eating habits are bad and so they blame the pill!

    I’m glad your getting everything figured out! hang in there!

  11. I started out on Ortho tri cyclen but ended up switching after I had my son. No reason really, just a suggestion from my doc. I then switched to Yasmin and really liked it. My next gyno (I’ve had several since we’re military & have had to move a lot…very frustrating but that’s a whole other story!) put me on YAZ and it took me about 3mths to get on a regular schedule, and then all was great 🙂 I liked both Yasmin & YAZ. I only stopped b/c we tried to get pregnant, and boom, 3wks later I did. Fertile turtle over here, I guess 😉
    Good luck with whatever pill you choose, and I hope your first period isn’t too bad… I know when I used to go months without one the first one back was a doozy.
    Oh, and didn’t you know that eating healthy & being thin is an obvious sign of anorexia to the average american?! SAD! You look great 😉

    • LOL! Fertile turtle 🙂

      Congrats on your pregnancy!!!

      It is sad that if you eat healthy and workout people think you have issues.

  12. I take Apri and I LOVE it. I have never gained weight and I have been taking it for almost 8 years!

    Keep us posted on the colon issues…

  13. Alyson

    I exactly work coordinating women’s health research projects, most of which had something to do with birth control for a couple years. I personally do the depo provera shot because it’s what works best for me. I don’t gain weight or have any side effects from it, and I don’t get my period. Depo progesterone only. When I took regular birth control about five years ago I completely plumped up. It sucks to test’em out but I guess it’s worth it in the end. And some doctors are so stuck in their old-ways, it’s annoying and frustrating.

    And a big EWWW to that doctor! I’ve had people tell me they thought I might be “dangerously addicted”.. I think well, I’d rather be addicted to this than the drive-thru!

  14. Hey girl. I take Ortho Novum 777 and have for 20+ years. and I will tell you I don’t think there is much weight gain involved with it- there are some that will say that, but believe me, I’ve done a LOT of research on this the past year or so. Our own hormones and metabolism affect our weight gain/loss more than just the pill. But I do know some that said the pill definitely makes them heavier.
    I so hope you find out what is truly wrong- I can SO relate, girl. I hate medical problems. The not knowing is awful.

  15. Don’t go on BC!! It is what made me *stop* getting my period. I went off it and haven’t gotten a period since. There are a whole host of side effects that doctors don’t tell you about.

    On the plus side, BC never made me gain weight.

  16. fitlizzio

    i was on Yaz for about a year and a half. It didn’t make me gain weight and I actually lost weight while I was on it (from diet/exercise, not the pill.) The only caution I have, and it could have just been me, is that I was so much more emotional when I was on it.

    I hope you get this stuff figured out though!! Hang in there apester.

    Also, I agree with you. Dr’s won’t say a word if your just a few pounds over weight, but if you actually TAKE CARE of your body, you get a mouth full.(that’s what she said)

  17. yeah a great big BOOH to the doc about the whole underfed overtrained thing….ive heard that one for the last 11 years..they thought my irregular periods were bc i was anorexic and i needed to get fatter in order to jump start my girly hormones….it wasnt until i got pregnant with my son(while on BC-which was recalled a few weeks later…LOL!) that the doctors found out i had some real issues going on….they were shocked i was able to get pregnant in the first place. i didnt go back on BC bc i didnt want to gain the weight,and i though i couldnt have any more kids…..
    and yup, when my cycts hemmoraged again and when i was in the ER, getting blood out of my abdomen,i was given a drug test to rule out any addiction to meth-i was confronted by the doc bc he thought i was too thin..what? anyways,im off my soap box now…i do hope you and the dr’s can get to the bottom of your problem and hopefully when your monthly friend returns it wont be as bad as expected!! hang in there and keep us posted!!!

  18. Hey chicachica – I’m just catching up on the news, but I thought I’d throw in my .02:

    First off, I’m super happy you’re going to start the Provera, because getting your period IS really important. I also agree with you in that it might not be an underfed/overtrained issue, because like you said, your weight was higher before and you still weren’t getting your period! Adding to that, I’m on the low end of my healthy weight range (and an endurance athlete – surprise surprise), and I’ve NEVER lost my period. Even when I fell into the underweight category for BMI, I was still getting my period. So no – the two aren’t always correlated.

    Second thing though – you want to be at the point where you’re getting your period on your own. Not just because of a pill. That might have nothing to do with a certain weight, and the Provera might be the kick start your body needs to remind itself what’s sposed to be going on in there, but hopefully you will end up getting your period by yourself without the hormones from the pill!

    Lassstly – I really hope you get the GI stuff figured out! I have endometriosis and even though I have that “diagnosis” to at least put a name to things, I’m still figuring out new ish all the time (or maybe *trying to figure out* would be a better way to put it). Good luck!


  19. Thanks Erika! I’m hoping it kick starts my cycle too. You’re exactly right…this isn’t a fix. That’s why I hate Drs.!!! Laxatives when you’re constipated, Provera when you can’t have your period?? Those are quick fixes not soluntions!

    Thanks again!

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