Snow days and good eating!

My mom had given me a bag of cole slaw mix and I just had to use it.  I know they say cabbage gives you gas and I don’t need that but I made it anyway.  Wow this was so good!  I fried the cabbage with broccoli until it got a little toasty and then put mustard and stevia in it.  Topped it off  with a big hunk of tilapia YUM!  No gas yet this morning 😀

When I woke up I came downstairs and got my water jug.  My legs are having serious DOMS from my leg workout Wednesday.  The devil on my shoulder said go workout…you can do it, the angel said just eat first and feed your body.

I listened to the angel.  I had a HEAPING bowl of oats.

Bet you've never seen a bowl of oats before

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/2 cup wheat bran
  • 3 egg whites
  • 2 T of toasted almond slices cooked in 1 tsp of coconut oil
  • pumpkin pie spice

Holy heck, this took a 1/2 hour to eat!  I know this is wheat and I said I wasn’t going to eat wheat or dairy but guess what?  I’m having cottage cheese today too!  I only eat dairy once maybe twice a week.  NO yogurt though!  I figure i’ll just eat normal until my gastro visit…that I still need to make!


I ended up doing #14 on my move it tab. WOOWEE!!!!!  It was a good one!  During the 8.0 I would say in my head okay this is the last one.  Then during the walk i’d catch my breath and do another.  I made it!

I also made it through 465 ab reps yesterday..ouchy!


Here’s Mike and Boomer having fun in the snow yesterday.  I would have joined but I had just taken a shower and had wet head.  Boomer LOVES the snow! 

Did you get any snow?



  1. I think I would die if it snowed in Austin! I have actually never seen snow…but it looks flipping COLD! This southern girl likes her 100+ degree summers. 🙂

  2. Hahaha, I thought that was mushrooms on your oatmeal!

    • Oh gross LOL!!! I HATE mushrooms!!!

  3. Those oats look INCREDIBLE!! Love your tilapia! Mmm!
    ❤ jess

  4. lmao love the video!

  5. ah what a cute video!! we got snow but NOTHING like yours! haha

  6. How is the wheatbran in the oats? I thought about doing that but was too scared. haha. Does it give it a good texture or taste? Those oats look really good.. I may have to steal that combo!

    And I love coleslaw mix! We cook ours in Braggs and chili and it’s really yummy!

    • It’s really good! I just throw the oats, bran and water in the pot and heat. Of course the egg whites go in after 😉 It does give it a good texture and gives it more volume! I wasn’t hungry after 3 hours but of course I ate anyway LOL!

  7. the snow was meant for dogs to play in! have a great weekend, april!!

  8. Ha! We got snow flurries around Christmas but nothing that stuck. It is currently 25 degrees in Austin, TX…cold!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Angela

    Boomer in the snow!!!! YAY!!!! and LMAO….mike getting snow down in his neck! 🙂 HEHE!!!!!

  10. April – You do have a sexy voice! You should do more videos so we can hear you!

  11. We definitely have a bunch of snow here!!!

    The video is cute of Boomer. My doggie loves the snow too!

    I don’t really like cole slaw, but I love broccoli slaw. Have you ever tried it?


  12. intheskinny

    I love the video! That’s a lot of snow!!! We barely got any here and it’s freezing. I can’t imagine how cold it is where you are.

    Are you abs sore or what? 465 crunches?!?

    • They are a bit sore 🙂

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