Cabbage Patch Kids

I woke up this morning and my left nostril was clogged, my throat was dry and my eyes had boogers in them.  I will NOT get sick!  My body is trying to fight.  I need to remember my glutamine.  I swear that’s why has kept me healthy for the past 3 years.  I didn’t let this “sick” keep me in bed.  I got up and busted out a GREAT 60 mins cardio session.

mins 0-5   3.5

mins 5-10 4.0 

1 min 6.0

30 secs 7.0

1 min 6.0

30 secs 4.0 

Repeat 5 times

Then I added this workout:

Time (mins)/ Incline/ Speed
0-1 / 3% / 3.6
1-2 / 4% / 3.6
2-3 / 5% / 3.6
3-4 / 6% / 3.6
4-5 / 7% / 3.6
5-6 / 1% / 6.0
6-7 / 1% / 6.1
7-8 / 0% / 6.2
8-9 / 0% / 6.3
9-10 / 0% /6.4
10-11 / 4% / 3.8
11-12 / 5% / 3.8
12-13 / 6% / 3.8
13-14 / 7% / 3.8
14-15 / 8% / 3.8
15-16 / 0% / 6.1
16-17 / 0% / 6.2
17-18 / 0% / 6.3
18-19 / 0% / 6.4
19-20 / 0% / 7.0
20-21 / 5% / 3.8
21-22 / 6% / 3.8
22-23 / 7% / 3.7
23-24 / 8% / 3.7
24-25 / 9% / 3.7 – did this for 2 mins
25-26 / 0% / 6.2
26-27 / 0% / 6.3
27-28 / 0% / 6.4
28-29 / 0% / 6.5
29-30 / 0% / 7.5
30-33 / 0% / 3.5 cooldown

I did a 5 min cooldown until 60 mins hit.  If I do this again I will add another 6,7,6,4 segment.

Moral of the story.  You NEVER regret a workout.  You only regret NOT working out.  Unless of course you need a rest day or you are really sick 😉


Yesterday I spent most of the day organizing and taking off wallpaper.  Fun stuff.  I also made an incredible dinner for myself.  Mike had grilled chicken with cheesy rice and broccoli.  I had this:

I'm still LOVING my Rachael Ray cookware

I put poppyseeds in it and of course mustard and stevia 😀

  • shrimp
  • cabbage
  • mixed veggies

Easy Peasy!  I put the shrimp in the pan and fried in Pam for a bit then added the veggies and slaw.  I fried all of that until it started turning brown.  I’ve found cabbage really FILLS me up.  *I seriously put feels again at first*


Saturday I had a bi/tri/ab workout and I just didn’t feel like doing it.  I really HATE working my biceps.  I don’t know why?  So I popped in Cathe’s Slow and Heavy DVD and did the bi/tri workout and my arms are SO sore!  I love it!  I think it’s good to shake things up ever now and then.  I may actually add the shoulders workout onto mine today.



Do you remember when you use to wake up and just run out the door?   I thought of that this morning when I looked in the mirror.  My eyes looked like I hadn’t slept in years and my bangs were so static infested they were sticking straight up.  Man, getting old sucks sometimes.


I love seeing all the bicep pictures around!



  1. Julie

    That looks really good. I made cabbage last night and I agree, it’s a good filler upper! I love seeing what others are eating, it gives me ideas. I like to keep it mixed up so I don’t get bored eating the same ol thing.

  2. Wow! Great looking workout. I may end up trying something like this soon. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Dang girl!! You’ve got me beat on your guns! But I already knew that. LOL

  4. 1) That looks delish!!!

    2) You are so stinking cute!! Love the guns pic. My bis don’t have peaks. BOO!

    3) I hope you feel better soon.

    • You’ve got some shoulders though BOO!

  5. Jessica - Hofstra

    Ugh, I woke up feeling the same way this morning! I’m also trying desperately to feel better, but I admire your dedication to working out! Inspires me to do the same =)

    Btw, your dinner looks delicious… might have to make it myself one night!

    • Let’s kick this sickness to the curb!

  6. Ugh, I woke up feeling the same way this morning! I’m also trying desperately to feel better, but I admire your dedication to working out! Inspires me to do the same =)

    Btw, your dinner looks delicious… might have to make it myself one night!

  7. Check out those guns girlie!

    Your stir fry looks so yummy. I need to buy some shrimp next time I see them on sale!

  8. Okay that salad looks awesome! 🙂

  9. Man you’ve got some guns!!!! Bicep envy going on here! If you recall THAT is one of my new years goals…to put some SIZE on my biceps!!!

    your shrimp dish looks delish too!!!

  10. I really need to remember that bit about regretting NOT working out… I need more motivation!

    • I say that to myself every morning. If I DON’T do it I know i’ll regret it 🙂

  11. ana

    great pics april!

  12. Hey Girl~

    That looks delish! I think I’ll make that this weekend:)

    Have a fantastic week and stay well!


  13. intheskinny

    So true about the working out…I really thinking starting a workout is 80% of it.

    I’m trying that incline workout!! All of the workouts you post and link to are helping me become a faster runner!

    • intheskinny

      Duh. I meant think.

    • I read it as think 😉 You’re right, starting it the best thing. Then you go longer because you’re already there.

      I’m glad you like the workouts! I try and find ones that are “doable”. I’m not a runner by any means.

  14. Evelyne

    You’re so freakin’ cute, I wanna scream! That recipe looks DEEEE-LISH!!!! MUST try it.

    • How are you woman?

  15. Holy cow, nice arms!! I don’t love working biceps, but I like it enough. I love working triceps!!
    ❤ jess

  16. Dang, girl! You’ve got some mighty guns! I’m not gonna want to piss you off. ;-p

    By the way, loved the title. Hee hee. I’ve been craving a Cabbage Patch Kids doll. It’s weird, that old nostalgia for ugly dolls…

  17. Wow (reaction to bicep photog) – you rock!

    So I LOVE the workouts you posted – very cool!!! I hope you don’t get sick – my fingers are crossed for you!

  18. wooo! which way to the gun show?!

  19. YUMMY. I must try this recipe!!!

  20. Those are amazing guns! Great job!

  21. Hey did you like the Shiraki noodles? I thought they were ok but I couldn’t get past the smell! GROSS!! Why they smelled like fish I have no idea, i even rinsed them like 5x!!

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