WildWood Pasta Slim Review

I want to thank Dustin of WildWood Foods for letting me review Pasta Slim Noodles.  These really came in handy since I have been ravenous this week. 

Low Calorie Wheat-Free PastaSlim is Perfect for Weight Management!
94.3% less calories(Only 20 calories) / 94.6% less carbs (Only 4 grams)
Ready in 1 Minute with No Boiling Required


I first tried the spinach fetticine noodles.  There was a hint of spinach flavor and the they really taste like noodles!

I used half the package for a whopping total of 5g of carbs.  Afterwards my stomach was full and happy. 


For the spaghetti noodles I wanted to make real spaghetti but since I was starving and needed a big lunch Monday I went with this:

It doesn’t look  appetizing but it was really good.  Afterwards I still felt hungry until a half and hour later and then my stomach was stuffed!


I haven’t had pasta in 3 years so it was nice to be able to slurp up noodles again 😀



  1. Half the bag?? My stomach always wants the full bag! LOL

  2. Samadhi40

    Did the noodles smell bad? I like the Shirataki noodles flavor…but can’t get past the smell…..:(

    • I’ve had other noodles that had the really fishy smell. I didn’t think these did at all.

  3. WOW! those look cool. where can i buy them i wonder…

    • Kathy

      I found them at Whole Foods!

  4. Is the second photo those Shirikati noodles? Just curious. I haven’t tried either one but I want to. 😉

    • Yes they are both the same type of noodle 😀

  5. Hi April!
    Hope you’re doing well, Ive missed a few posts over here from you but am going to read up to see how the tummy stuff is going for you.
    I got your contest entries, thanks hon!!

  6. These look fantastic and wheat free. Going to the link now!!!

  7. Mmm! Those look good! No pasta for 3 years? Nooooo!!!
    ❤ jess

  8. Very cool!! I tried the Shirataki noodles and couldn’t do it. These sound better so yay! that is amazing – I can’t imagine going three days!

  9. No pasta in 3 years?! You are a TROOPER!

    Those spinach noodles look FAB!

  10. Yum…have you ever tried Carb Nada pasta? Really yum!

    • I haven’t tried those. I’ll have to do those next!

  11. Cynthia

    I tried the Shirataki and really, I don’t know how anyone can stand the smell of them! Why do they stink like that? I will try the spinach noodles if they absolutely do not have a smell to it.

  12. Michele

    If you smell the wildwood noodles fresh out of the bag, yes…they reak for sure. BUT, if you give them a decent rinse and toss them in a pan with sauteed garlic and gravy! HoLY COW! Baddabing! Soooooo yummmy! Curbs my noodle craving. And no fish smell! Just the garlic! ~~ Could work with any topping you choose! enjoy the slurping!
    p.s. i enjoy these more when I cut the noodles with kitchen shears..otherwise, they noodles are too long and are somewhat of a choking hazard! lol…happy eating

  13. nora esthimer

    Can you freeze the noodles? Thanks.

    • I’m not sure? I’ve contacted them to find out for you.

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