Lunch and Up and Comings!

TGIF!  That’s funny coming from my unemployed butt.  I don’t know what day it is.  I can normally tell by my refrigerator.  When it’s empty it’s almost Saturday and time for my Target spree.


Lunch at Oaken Barrel yesterday was so good.  April it is nothing like Cracker Barrel 🙂  We both had the greek salad with chicken and it was the bomb as usual!  Amy agreed.

Cheese and dressing in a cup on the side so I can control the portion 😀  Amy pointed at Big Bird while I took the picture.  I also cheated on Mike with this guy:

Isn’t Dexter the cutest 🙂


I’m so excited about some up and coming events!  2 of them you already know about.  The others i’ll keep you posted 🙂

  • The Arnold – with this short little lady

  • My western Caribbean cruise with this awesome stud

This reminds me…I said I haven’t had pasta in 3 years.  That may be a lie.  Kind of like pizza.  A lot of things go into my mouth on a cruise that I would like to forget about.  So maybe once a year I indulge 😀


What are you up to in the next couple of months?


My energy was low today for some reason.  Could be TOM?  I still busted out 50 mins this morning and did a back/ab workout this afternoon.  My trainer told me he would be sending  a new plan this weekend to shake things up.  I need it badly.  I’m stuck.  I’m not sure of my weight.  I haven’t weighed since last Saturday…are you proud of me 🙂


Tonight I hope Mike gets finished with his work early so we can just chill and catch up on our shows and maybe watch a movie.  He’s been working so much lately and I miss him.  Truth is most of the time he’s working at the kitchen table but I still miss him 😉



  1. a) salad looks super yummy!

    b) I don’t know if I should say I’m “proud” of you with the scale.. I think you should feel like you can weigh yourself whenever you feel like it. but I also don’t think whenever I feel like it needs to be every day 😉 so in that sense.. yay!

    c) crrruise? jealous. never been on one, always wanted to go! hope you guys have a blast!

  2. I’m very proud! 🙂 Cute picture of you two! Still majorly jealous of your CRUISE!
    ❤ jess

  3. You two are such a cute couple!! 🙂 I want to go on a cruise (imagine me saying that in a very annoying and whiney voice…haha)

  4. Love the pics – the cruise pic is adorable! Your fridge as calendar cracks me up!! Tres clever!! In the next couple of months i’m looking forward to the vegas trip (coming up quick!), a trip to Dallas in February to see an old friend and my anniversary! (no plans yet!)

  5. Hee hee, big clap on the back for staying off the evil scales! 😀

    If I haven’t had pasta for three years, I would totally die. Does pizza count as pasta though?

  6. intheskinny

    Looks like you have some fun stuff coming up! I’m going to visit my niece sometime soon, so that’s on the agenda. I’m headed to the beach for the first time in FOREVER too.

  7. You haven’t had pasta in 3 years? Whoa. Whoa!

  8. I havent had any gluten in about 5 yrs: bread, pasta, muffins, etc that have gluten in them. I feel ya girl 🙂
    LOVE the pic of you with the Cruise and water in the background. Beautiful!

  9. Lots of exciting things to come. I love when you can look forward to fun times.

  10. Ooo good job staying off the scale girlie! I’m sure the new plan will help kickstart things for ya 🙂

    Those pitas look so warm and fluffy.

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