A Day In the Life and 10 Happy Things

I have been tagged by some people so here it goes:

545a wake up and make Mike’s lunch

6-7a  cardio

7a-8a eat breakfast and read emails

8-12p bored out of my mind, eat again around 10a

1230p lunch

1230p-2p bored again

2p-3p lift weights and more cardio

PWO shake

4p Mike gets home!

5p-6p clean up my mess from the day

630p Dinner

7p-9p Relax with Mike

9:30p Bed time

Exciting huh?  Don’t you wish you didn’t have a job?


10 things that make me happy

Keebler Elves

Everything Boomer does

Walks with friends

Knowing that Mike loves me

Being with my mom, dad and sister



Working Out

Road trips with Angela

Puppies, all puppies


I got my new meal plan.  It makes me happy.  I could have put that as one of the ten 😉  Think LOTS of fat and LOTS of protein moderate buy yummy carbs 🙂  What’s better than that?  For ME it’s perfect!  We’ll see how the old bod does with it.


Today I went shopping with my pal Louisa.  We had a great time as usual.  Of course I pulled out the tupperware containers in the middle of the mall.  It’s nice to have a friend who understands your ways 🙂  I must say we were the same pasty white color.  I’m normally oompa loompa orange when we get pictures taken together.  I must say we finished our date off at the Vitamin Shoppe.  Most women want to shop for clothes and shoes, not me, I bought glutamine, green tea extract and digestive enzymes.  I’m such a girl!


Colt’s WIN, Colt’s WIN!  Mike’s a happy camper 😀


  1. Can’t wait to see you chicks at THE ARNOLD!!
    P.S. I get to meet Arnold I’m so excited! 😉

    • YEEHAW!!!!! I can’t wait either!

  2. Haha I love vitamin shoppe! Lately I haven’t been in the mood to clothes shop but I have been checking out a few nutrition stores..

    • VS stand for Vitamin shoppe in my book…not Victoria’s secret.

  3. LOL- You go with the vitamins. I think that is so cute 🙂

    I love that you love Keebler Elves.

    • Hee hee…they make me happy 😀

  4. hooray for new meal plans that you love! dang. i need someone to make ME a meal plan that i love. that basset photo is adorable.

    • I know you love bassets! It is nice not having to worry about my meals 😀

  5. Alyson

    I agree.. give me protein & fat over carbs any day.. as long as you don’t take my oatmeal away :p

    • Totally agree! I HAVE to have my oats!…w/ cake batter protein 😉

  6. intheskinny

    I need to be as prepared as you…bringing your tupperware containers to the mall – that is awesome!!

    I love that Keebler Elves make you happy.

    • Yep, if I wasn’t prepared something bad might have happened. Did I mention we were sitting across from a starbucks? Lattes were calling me but I ignored them:)

  7. fitlizzio

    vitamin stores are like shoe stores for most women. i want every thing, but ultimately have to limit myself to just a few.

    • I know it blows. I did have a coupon for $25 off of my goods. It probably took me thousands to get there.

  8. Have fun with the new plan!

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