Life with 3 redheads

The day started off as usual.  Oats and eggs.  Boomer enjoyed some oats too and when I looked at her I cracked up laughing!  This is why she is on the top 10 things that make me happy.

Stop it!

I'm not going to look!


HA! It's oatmeal I promise 🙂

My house was all clean again and we had to be out for a showing.  I went and hung out at my mom’s for a couple of hours.  This is where Boomer spent the day with 3 redheads.  We aren’t camera shy unlike her.




Strike a pose


I’m not apologizing for how disgusting I look in this picture.

My Taco Bell chihuahua impression

This is my sister’s weiner dog.  He’s a riot.  I tease Rachel about how funny it is that mom has a redheaded dog and so does she.  Im clearly the favorite in my family 😉


I got on the scale this morning.  I was feeling heavy but thought what the heck.  I was going to weigh yesterday but didn’t want to ruin my day with Louisa.  I am feeling positive that this meal plan is what my body needs right now.  So my weight was…..120.4!  It’s not where I want to be but I was for sure i’d be about 125 by now.  So I can’t wait to see where I am in a week!  I absolutely love EVERY meal of the day!  I’m also going to try and cut back a bit on cardio…I say try 😀


Do you like lifting or cardio better?  I go back and forth.  Right now it’s cardio for sure.



  1. Julie

    All of the dogs are just too cute! For now, cardio is my favorite. I like lifting better though. But for now, yes it’s cardio. If that makes any sense?!

  2. Ha well my sister and my mom both dye their hair red even though I am the only natural ginger…guess I’m the favorite too 🙂

    Honestly I enjoy lifting weights more, but like how cardio makes me feel more. I don’t think that made much sense. I guess I love to just sweat and sweat and sweat…I feel clensed after a good cardio sesh. But I also love the feeling of getting stronger and pushing heavier weights!

  3. Cardio for sure…marathoner here! 🙂 My husband is always on me to lift more weights. But I hate to because it makes me sore and then I feel like my runs aren’t as good. Although it is a sick cycle because I know if I lifted more often I would get as sore…ugh! Funny though…my husband posted a guest post on my blog today about strength training!

  4. Blech. Cardio shmardio! I LOVE THE IRON BABY! 🙂

    I love pics of you! You are, like, perpetually 20 years old.

    • You know I already like you, you don’t have to yank my chain 😉

  5. I think I like doing weights more.. it’s fun and I like how I can barely move afterwards! haha. But I also like how un-bloated and refreshed I feel after cardio. So that’s a tough one!

  6. oh i love all the puppers photos! you know i am obsessed with them. and I HATE CARDIO. enough said. love the weights!

  7. That is so awesome that you love all of your meals!! I go back and forth, too – right now I’m with cardio. 🙂

  8. A Ginger Fest!

    Toss up…I love the rush i get from running 10 miles but seeing my muscles work while lifting is exciting.

    Cn’t choose:)


  9. intheskinny

    I enjoyed all the cute doggie pictures. I dressed my dog up in a bee costume the other day – I had found it when I was cleaning. I’ll have to put up pictures soon.

    I love weights because I know they will make my body look smoking one day.

  10. I go back and forth too – i’m feeling the cardio right now!

    I love all of the pupper pics – cute overload! I grew up with a dachshund – i’m kinda obsessed!

  11. Your dogs are so, so sweet. Boomer actually looks a lot like my dog! Thanks for your kind words of congrats on my new job! 🙂 Lifting bores me. I like walks with my dog. 🙂

  12. Haha, you look adorable, not disgusting. Almost as adorable as your dogs. 😉

    I hate lifting. It’s annoying, and I huff and puff like I’m constipating. I love running, though, and don’t huff and puff as much for some reason.

  13. I do not go back in forth on this one at all…IRON all the way! Although I need some of that cardio love to rub off on me so send it over! 😉

  14. The pet pictures are wonderful!

    I enjoy doing weights and cardio together. Some days I split the two up and some days I do them in the same workout. I think you need to do both to achieve a more complete fitness.

  15. Right now I am loving the cardio and that is only because I have found fun things to do.

    I love all the doggie pictures 🙂

  16. That’s a tough one. I definitely go back and forth between cardio and weights. Right now I’m desperately trying to get back into weights. I love the days that I get to do both, though (like today I hope!).

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