Bedtime Snack

I love answering questions!  That way my brain doesn’t have to think 😉  If you have them ask me!  Don’t be shy!

I DO eat right before or 1/2 hour before bed.  Screw that no eating after 6:00p crap.  It really is all about WHAT you choose to eat.  Sure no eating cake or icecream(unless it’s proein ice cream) right before bed.  Here is what I had last night:

Crunchy Cookie and protein cake!  What’s better than that?  Peanut butter on top!  Tonight I think i’ll have this!


What’s your bedtime snack?


Happy Birthday Sadie 🙂


I’ll give you an update on my drs. visit tomorrow!  I’m about ready to throw this laptop out the window grrrr!!!!!



  1. peanutbutterfingers

    this made my day!!! thank you for the sadie birthday shout out. 🙂 she’ll be thrilled. 😉

  2. mmm I love bedtime snacks, no eating after 6pm? pshhh not here!! I love come cottage cheese with berries and PB or appe and pb!

  3. love me some bedtime snacking. favorite is yogurt+PB!

  4. April. I gotta tell you, I HOPE that snack tastes better than it looks because on my end, um, I am NOT drooling. Do share what those things ARE. ;-0 heehehehe

    I have a real problem not noshing at night so lately I try to avoid it, I don’t even know what snack I’d love…..

  5. I must say your protein cookie looks really good! I’ve been wondering what your bedtime snacks look like!

  6. Alyson

    Yeah, I never agreed with the not eating after 6 thing either. I’m hungry when I wake up when I eat at 10pm!

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