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I did go to the gastrologist yesterday.  He prescribed me with dicyclomine to relax my stomach.  He told me that I could have IBS but that is a general diagnosis.  I am scheduled for a colonoscopy next Thursday.  I’m not afraid of the actual procedure i’m afraid of the cost YIKES!  We do have insurance but still.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you’ve had one let me know how it is.  I think the hardest thing is going to be not eating the day before.

Since yesterday was a bad stomach day I took the pills.  I felt better so they help out which is a relief.  I’m debating on whether or not to go ahead with the procedure.  I know I should to rule out all other problems.  It will also let me know if there are any food allergies I might have.


(this is NOT my house)

Showing again on the house this afternoon.  I had some abs to do but i’ll save them for the weekend. 


Have you had a colonoscopy?  If so tell me about it!  I don’t mind poop talk 😉  I actually call this a butthole search.



  1. Sylvia

    oh do the procedure ! (said by the person who has never had one *blush*) butt seriously (lol! sorry) ok ok seriously, ahem, ok, you only need to get it done once every 9 years , if they find a polyp they remove’em and it takes another 9 years before you have to worry about cancer etc.

    even tho they may not be lookin’ for polyps etc. your prob. may be different just do it for peace of mind. 🙂

    I never had a colonscopy butt (can’t help it) I did have a barium enema x-ray . . . ugh all the laxatives, and supposities and castor oil, it was a 3 step process to clean me out.

    And havin’ somethin go in the exit door is not pleasant, sooo not into that. Don’t like people snakin’ my drain.

    Butt ( 😀 ) I think they may give you more relaxing stuff for coloscopy some people even sleep thru it.

  2. i really hope you follow through with the procedure. my friend has had a colonoscopy,and it isnt fun. the good thing is that they drug you before they insert the scope,so you wont feel any discomfort until after the loopy meds wear off. it takes a day or so to feel like you can have a poop without fear,but nothing to be worried about. although not the most pleasant of procedures, its not the worst…..

    im also glad to hear the pills seemed to helo yesterday! just keep hanging in there and keep us posted!!

  3. I had a colonic and it wasn’t bad. I did it in a futile attempt to get rid of the bloating,but the bloating came back a day later (worse than before).

  4. Yes! Definitely do it! A colonoscopy can be very informative and kind find things that nothing else can. It could be the answer to you finding permanent relief and you will feel a lot better afterwards knowing that you took care of yourself. I remember hearing Dr. Oz talking about the procedure and how important it can be.

  5. I had one a few years ago… it really isn’t so bad. What’s bad is the prep: No food and you have to drink this horrid concoction that basically enables you from walking more than 5 ft from the bathroom lest you have a very unpleasant and runny accident. Respect the distance and prepare…

    Other than that the only other thing is that they won’t let you leave after it’s over til you fart. Oh yes, the whole process is just a gas! LOL!

    • Are you serious? Well, I don’t have problems passing gas 🙂

  6. I’ve had a barium enema before.. it’s ismilar to the colonoscopy but instead they fill up your butt with barium and then do an x-ray! Fun. Not! If you have any questions send me an email 🙂

  7. Awe Ape so sorry you have to go through all this.

    I know nothing about colonoscopies but if it will give you some clarity and eventually some relief I would say do it.

  8. hmmmmmmmmm thanks for the link to that pill. ive got some issues of my own i am trying to get to the bottom of and that may help. good luck with the colonoscopy if you go ahead with it!

  9. I haven’t ever had one…but PLEASE do it! I want you to be able to find out what is causing you all the discomfort you are in! Our bodies are the only thing we have and we have to take care of ourselves!!

  10. I honestly know nothing about it but i’m with the other Kelly on here – do it! See what’s up – I think it will be worth it in the end. No pun intended.

  11. Hey girl, I JUST found your blog…BUT, yes I have had a colonoscopy. Basically you lay on this table in front of this huge machine…they stick this thing up your behind that fills your stomach with liquid. Its uncomfortable, not gonna lie, but it doesn’t last long. And 2 minutes later, you feel pretty normal. GOOD LUCK!

  12. The colonoscopy isn’t fun but will be worth it if it helps to solve the problem. You will be up and running great the next day. The prep (“go-lytely”!!) is rough but not much to do about that.

    Are they planning on doing an endoscopy (EGD) as well?

    I am all too familiar with what you are going through…my symptoms are very similar to yours and my GI doc put me on antibiotics twice (to treat “bacterial overgrowth”) which seemed to help with the bloat and I was on another med that really helped until they pulled it off the market.

    What has really helped is finally I was put on bioidentical thyroid hormone and I’m doing so much better. I was told I am “too thin” to have a thyroid problem and was brushed off for the last 5 years. If they haven’t checked your thyroid, they should because it can cause all kinds of problems–including amenorrhea (losing your period).

    Sorry this is TMI and way too long. Good luck–I hope they figure out what is going on with you.

    • I’m not sure what all they are going to do. He mentioned doing labs to check my thyroid and also testing for diseases like celiac or other allergies.

      I’ve got a list of dr. mumbo jumbo 🙂 I had my thyroid tested last year and they said everything was alright but it was my dr who like to just prescribe medication and not fix the problems.

      Thanks for your help!

  13. Dawn

    I have never posted a reply on your blog before but follow you everyday! I had a colonoscopy when I was 31. The actual procedure is not bad at all, the drug they give you is a seditive where you are awake, but sometimes goofy awake. I didn’t remember it at all. The prep however is not so fun. You wonder how much “stuff” can actually come out of your tiny little self! But seriously the only bad part is all of the pooping. Good luck with it and I hope you find a solution! ~Dawn

  14. Dawn

    Oh and they also say that the only true way to test for celiac disease is with a biopsy of the villi in your intestines. My doctor didnt do that, but tested me through blood work instead, and now wonders even though the blood test was negative if that is still my issue. So ask LOT’S of questions!

  15. barbara


    You know I had one last year at the ripe age of 34. they were like..are you sure you need to be here? lol

    The prep wasn’t bad at all….I ate tons of lemon jello and certain colors of ice pops…then nothing after noon.The Golightly solution was a bit …expolsive!!! The next day i was ready, they wheeled me in and gave me LOVELY meds that made me very happy. I even got to seem them start the procedure.

    I recall looking at the scoop inside me onscreen, I said “I that me, cool” then passed out.

    They woke me and i was out of it but not sore in the slightest. He found out my issue and now I am much better!

    Its best to know what is really up so you can either rule it out or start on fixing stuff. I wish you the best girl…:)

    Call me if you need more info!



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