The Monster Mash

This morning I was suppose to have a job interview.  I wasn’t real sure about the place plus it SNOWED again last night.  The place was 1/2 hour away and I really just wasn’t into it so I cancelled.


I got up and did 36 mins of cardio.  If I would have known I wasn’t going to the interview I would have went longer.  Then I did something off schedule.  I did my leg workout around 9a.  I typically lift around 2:30p.  Lately i’ve been so exhausted around that time I figured I would do it early and get it over with.  I’m so glad I did!    I haven’t taken any supplements for a week and let me tell you my body knows it.


For lunch I had my bowl of mash 😀

  • Chicken
  • sweet potato
  • 100 cal packet of guacamole

I love this lunch!


Tonight is my sister’s birthday celebration!  Mike and I changed our minds about eating out.  We are just going to hang at my mom’s all night.  That means i’ll be bringing MY dinner.  Fish, sauteed cole slaw mix, and roasted broccoli YUM!  This is SO good, wish mustard and stevia of course 😉  I MIGHT, that’s a might have a sliver of cake just for Kelly 😉

For real though, I don’t feel left out or anything when i’m not partaking in the gorgefest.  I used to but not anymore.  I’d rather have a Tbsp of PB.  Or a rice cake w/ pb and chocolate morsels hmmmm…..


Tomorrow is the liquid day….oh boy!  I’m getting prepared.

I’m actually excited about doing the liquid day.  I’ll also be taking the medicine that is going to CLEAN ME OUT!  I bet i’ll be feeling awesome Thursday morning! 


Have you ever done a liquid diet?  I have and like I mentioned I felt GREAT the following morning.  This leads me to believe I do have a food allergy.  I’ll find out soon enough!



  1. Very interesting!! A liquid diet. I am not sure I could do it because I love chewing!! I do, however, love chicken broth, and powerade Zero and blue is the best for sure 🙂
    Have fun at with your family tonight!!

  2. Good luck at the doc and happy birthday to your sis!

  3. Good luck!!

  4. I did a liquid diet.. and I thought I was going to die! I think it’s because my blood sugar is fairly sensitive though. Like for my physical last year I had to just skip breakfast and I was super shaky and stuff. It was crazy! But I’m sure you’ll be fine 🙂 Your stomach will be SUPER flat the next day! haha

  5. Um. Ok. I take it you are having a colon procedure?? Dear God. I don’t feel so abnormal for having stomach issues because of you my friend. I hope you get some answers. I am still ‘figuring my stuff out’ in that area. My tummy is such a wuss.
    How do you do the chicken/sp/guac thing?? I really need to get back to cutting back on carbs- and I enjoy the good healthy real food, but sometimes I need an idea to spark me. You, red, have sparked me.
    Also = you are going to the Arnold right? Let’s plan. I’m arriving on Wednesday, staying through Sunday.

    • Yep, i’m getting it Thursday. This should give me some answers. They will also be drawing blood to check for food allergies.

      Angela and I will be at the expo on Friday!!!

    • Oh and my lunch was just chicken that I broil for 20 minutes, sweet potato I microwave for 3 mins and a 100 calorie packet of guacamole. Just mix it all up 🙂

      For dinner i’ve been have cole slaw mix that I “fry” in Pam. Fish and some sort of veggie on the side. It is SO good!!

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