I really like getting my weights done with before noon.  I feel like I have the whole entire day left to do whatever.  So I did a HEAVY back workout followed by another sweaty cardio session.  I was on fire but I got my warm clothes on and walked Boomer.  Note to self:  no matter how hot you are remember it’s 10 degrees outside and wear your ear warmers.

When I got back home I made myself a nice hot protein drink.  This is TOP SECRET but I will let you in on it next week.  There WILL be a giveaway involved 😉

So yummy!


Therese had a great post today about meal planning.  I don’t plan my meals.  I have a piece of paper on my fridge with exactly what i’m to eat everyday.  For me it works.  I love not having to think about it.  I do cook other things for Mike but he’s pretty easy going.   So knowing that….WHY DID I RUN OUT OF SWEET POTATOES?  Ugh…the only other good carb I have is rice and I don’t feel like rice today.  So insert Dr. Kracker.  Remember when I said I was going to give a review like forever ago?  I will make this one short and sweet.  They are AWESOME!  My favorite is the pumpkin cheddar.  I got to sample eat flavor.  A close second was the roasted red pepper…spicy!  Maybe not the ideal carb but it’ll work.  You can get these at Target.


Here’s my tummy this morning..not much difference after the poo juice.

You can see where I carry my chub…around the hips.  Hey body, you are NOT having kids.  No need to protect yourself.  120 in the above picture.

109 in this picture.  No i’m not sucking in.  I have the unfortunate curse of rib cage that doesn’t hold fat making me look malnourished. 

Here’s to all the people with a lower pooch!  I’ve seen fat girls with flat stomachs.  I mean that in the nicest way possible.


Enjoy your Friday!!!



  1. Yummy! That drink looks like Click! I love it!

  2. im glad i am not alone with the lower pooch. even when i BF% was at its lowest.. pooch.

  3. I’m the opposite. Even at my biggest my stomach stays flat (just bigger) but the saddle bags on the sides of my hips/thighs….never gone!!! At my thinnest I still curve out there….grr!

    I was eating basically the same thing everyday and it worked for the last month of my BFL challenge but I think I am just over it. Plus I have had a few binges in the last few weeks that freaked me out…it was a sure fire sign that I needed to switch things up 😦

  4. I do the same thing! I’ve been writing what I want to eat but I don’t really “meal plan”. And I’ve been doing weights before breakfast lately and I LOVE IT! And nooo for being out of sweet potatoes 😦 I’m almost out but we are going to costco tomorrow thank goodness!

    and my stomach starts out flat and by the end of the day it’s sticking out. how annoying!

  5. Power to the pooch! *grins and rubs mah belly*

    I can’t wait to find out what that hot frothy beverage is! LOOKS DELISH!

  6. Your ears looks SO cold….ack!! 🙂

  7. hahah, I love the girl who said Power to the pooch! My pooch only goes away when Im at around 115, and in the morning before I eat or drink anything.

  8. I never EVER had a pooch until this past year- not sure if it was the beginning of perimenopause or turning 40 or both, but it was like BAM here’s that tummy pudge you never had before. SUCKS. But, I’ve just learned in a big way this past year- I will have to train/workout hard and consistently and diet to the letter- or I gain weight very easily now. It used to be easy for me to just stay the same exact weight; not really lose but not gain. Now- everything takes me either to a worse or better place. No staying in between. Lovely. Ahhh it’s all for my own good. I know. But I Loathe that tummy pudge. DOWN WITH THE TUMMY PUDGE!

  9. Meg

    I think a lot of women have the pooch, I know I do as well, at least we aren’t alone – it’s natural, and a beautiful part of being a woman. I once read that the ‘pooch’ protects our womanly insides, makes sense 🙂

    Hope you’re staying warm!!

  10. I have that pooch too. My upper abs can be sculpted easily but that darn pooch. Ugh

  11. Lara

    I got that lower pooch when I hit 38 or so, before that it was much flatter even at a higher weight. Also have the prominent, lean rib area.

  12. I know that some people have a pooch, I fortunately do not, but I do have a larger butt and thighs, but I do know that is what makes me who I am and I know that no matter how thin I get, I will always have a larger back side and I will look emaciated on top!! 😦
    I hope that you can come to accept your body soon!!

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