Reason 1 why i’m not a food blogger

Hey Everybody!  I took a break from the computer yesterday and it was nice.  By 9:30a I had already been to Target, got my haircut, and then to Kroger.  I was a busy lady.  I came home and was going to have some protein pancakes but forgot to put my protein powder in it.  I hate when my brain isn’t thinking right.  That happens alot.


I had a KICK YO BUTT cardio.  Wow.  Can you tell?

Thanks Cathe!

High/Low Intervals (approx 73 min)
Lomax Warm Up
Lomax Step Combo #1(this includes the blast too)
Imax Interval 2(includes blast)
Imax Interval 3(this includes the blast too)
Lomax Step Combo #3(includes blast)
Imax Interval 6(this includes blast)
Imax Interval 7(this includes blast)
Lomax Step Combo #4 (this includes blast)
Imax Interval 10(this includes blast)
Kick Max Blast Challenge
Kick Max stretch


After this it was red meat day.  I’m not a big red meat eater but Laura’s Lean 4% beef is alright.  I should have made it into a burger rather than chopping it up.  You know what happened when I tried to eat this like a burger 😉

Lettuce “bun” burger.  I put tomatoes, avocado, ketchup, mustard and I believe that is all on there.  I also made some sweet potato chips with my mandoline.  Love that thing!

Isn’t that so beautiful?  This is reason 1. why i’ll never be a food blogger.  I’m also not about to join the cool kid camera band wagon.  Chia seeds are cheap and make oatmeal fun.


Stay tuned…tomorrow I think i’ll be doing a giveaway!



  1. That burger looks great! A little red meat every once in a while never hurt anyone 😉

    ❤ jess

  2. Dooo iittt, get an SLR 😛 Haha. I only started eating red meat again a few months ago and am still scared to cook it. Hamburgers are the only thing I’ve been able to do! I also think it’s time I splurged and bought a $5 mandolin already – those chips sounds awesome.

    • Same here with the hamburger. I just don’t like steaks etc…no wonder understands that. Even when my mom cooked them when I was younger I didn’t eat it.

      If you get a mandolin make sure it has a hand guard!!! 😀

  3. I’ve been using the same camera for about 5 years now! Its not that fancy but whatever. I’d rather spend my money on protein powder 😛

    And I want a step so bad! I like taking step classes because it doesn’t feel like your working super hard but yet your heart rate is super high!

  4. I think your pics are just fine! I dont have a fancy camera either!

  5. Your workout sounded fantastic.

    And I second you on the hand guard. I’ve used my mandolin once…I totally sliced a piece of my thumb and was really grossed out. It’s been a while though so maybe I’ll get it back out and try again.

    And your pics are great 🙂

  6. GREAT workout! I’m really getting into this interval stuff – it makes me feel like i’m working harder!!

  7. LOL that looks good and well when I read the title I couldn’t help but think I was entering the safe zone… yeah not… you’re always blogging about food 🙂

  8. You’re hilarious–taking pictures of your food. :o) I cannot even stand the thought of eating any meat product ever again. Going vegetarian was the best choice I made for my nutrition in years. Sean showed me the way and I have been able to find tons of wonderful alternatives to eat here on the west coast. I need to tune you into the Field Roast veggie sausages. They’re wonderful–especially the spicy chipotle ones! Go here, you can order them online!

    I have a feeling you’ll love them April.

    And you other ladies reading this should try them too! :o) Great in omelets, on sandwiches, or just by themselves!!! I just made Sean and me some veggie lasagna the other day and it was fabulous with the veggie sausages!

    Love you April.

  9. what is your sweet potato chips recipe?

    • I just slice the potato with my mandoline. Bake at 425 for 15 mins, flip the chips and bake another 15 YUM!

      • thanks! i have tried a few recipes found around the web, but still am on the search for the best. i’ll give this one a go next time and break in my new mandoline!

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