Gyms, labs, and stuff

I lost 2 lbs in January 😀

  • Jan 1st 122
  • Jan 31 120


I had my first colonoscopy and i’ve taken a few drugs i’m not real proud of.  Legal of course 😉  I’m someone who would not even take an Aleve and now I have taken Provera and i’m taking Dicyclomine. I do have to say the last one is a miracle pill for me so far.  It is for IBS and has helped my rumbling and bloating.  I have been sleeping like a baby also.


I’m going to join Visionquester in her goal to lose 4 in February.  I can do it!  Do I NEED to lose?  No.  I’m at a healthy spot but remember i’m going to the Arnold in March and then my cruise in April so it’s all vanity lbs.


I cranked out 40 mins of EMC this morning.  It felt GREAT!  Today i’m going with my friend Amy to check out Anytime Fitness.  I am not going to become a member but it’s a free 7 day pass so why not?  I have a great home gym here.  My treadmill does need some work.  The Sears man had to order some new roller bearings.  I can still use it but i’m taking it easy.  All weekend I did step aerobics videos and my whole body is killing me with soreness!  I love it!  I’ve upped my glutamine dosage to try and combat the soreness.  Not only that but today will be spent foam rolling 😀


I have a KILLAH leg workout today.  Doesn’t Tony know my legs are killing me and i’m not a very good jumper?  I have to jump over boxes today.  I’ll take a picture of my make shift box jumping arena 😉  Remember I live in Indiana so it’ll be a good ‘ol redneck version.


After the gym trip i’m going to get some blood work done…geesh…does it ever end.  I do have to say that all weekend i’ve felt great!  My husband even noticed my mood was better.  I have been waking up at my usual 5:30a again and feeling great!  So lets hope it continues.  Maybe my colon just needed some air blown into it?


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  1. I’m glad you are feeling good!! Sounds like some tough workouts. WOW!
    ❤ jess

  2. I’m glad the drugs are helping! Yay!

    You are a work out machine girl, seriously! I read your posts and always think, I so need to do more non-running!

  3. I’m glad that medicine is helping! I was on Amitiza for a while and it helped a lot but it also made me nausesas.. and one time I threw up at school all over the hallway! After that I quit taking it. LOL!

    And woohoo for the workout! I did what you said and did legs today.. man I wish I could workout with you! I’d have fun jumping around haha!

    • Man, they were killer too! My legs are gonna be dog poo tomorrow.

  4. Marthab

    Awesome that your tummy is feeling better and even better about the sleep!

    Why don’t you try Fish oil for soreness…did we already talk about this? I haven’t taken Glutamine for over a year and I really think the fish oil works better. might even help the tummy. Just a thought.


    • I do take fish oil. It could be that it was just different muscles being used? Either way i’m not complaining…you know I like it 😉

  5. Whoohooo 2 lbs! nice goin lady! Glad oyu are feeling better!

  6. Girl I gotta tell ya- day 2 of gluten free has helped THIS tummy a lot. I sure hope you get some major closure soon. Sucks doesn’t it?
    Can’t wait to see you at the ARNOLD!!

  7. ana

    hey april glad your feeling beeter! what step areobic videos do you do? i need a good taebo video or step video or pilates im thinking???


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