Muscle Milk Light RTD Review

I recently received some samples of Muscle Milk Light. 

  • 2- Vanilla Creme
  • 2- Chocolate
  • 2- Strawberries n’ Creme

I got home from the gym today and tried the strawberry.  It was a good flavor but not like strawberry Nesquik.  Mike tried the vanilla creme after his workout.  He made a face.  I tried it.  It had a weird flavor.  Almost like coconut.  He drank it all but it wasn’t a favorite.

*from website

Muscle Milk® Light 100 Calorie Ready-To-Drink

Here’s a great way to get all the great taste and performance of Genuine Muscle Milk®, but with only 100 calories! Muscle Milk® Light 100 Calorie provides the same precise blend of premium proteins, functional fats, and vitamins & minerals found in original Muscle Milk®. Ideal as a convenient, protein-enhanced snack between meals to help curb hunger cravings or a perfect complement to weight management programs. Available in three mouth-watering flavors to make your taste buds happy: Chocolate, Vanilla Crème, and Strawberries ‘n Crème


  • 15g protein
  • 3g fat
  • 100 calories


  • LONG ingredient list
  • Vanilla creme has weird taste

I’ll let you know about the chocolate soon 😀



  1. These used to be my favorite (minus the price) until I actually read the ingrdients. Chocolate malt is the one I’m talkign about, and cookies and cream is good too. Not a vanilla (muslce milk anyway) fan and the strawberry was way too fake to me but the chocolate malt…yum…

  2. I tried Muscle Milk when I was at the Marriott in NYC- that’s what they had in the hotel gym. I loved it. But- and you April should think about this-I am NOT having protein drinks/protein powder solely because of the whole mysterious chemical idea… may want to try outing it from your diet to see how you do for a month?? Just a thought.

  3. I am a muscle milk light lover! So convenient when I am in a rush and not hard on the stomach (for me at least). Your blog is great and so entertaining! Can’t wait to read more!!

  4. healthyroadwarrior

    I often buy Muscle Milk (25g protein) or Muscle Milk Lite (20g protein, no sugar) at fuel stations in the cities I travel to in order to keep up my 6 meal a day plan. Easy to find, tastes great. Lately I’ve found Myoplex at more and more fuel stations though – this is the supplement I prefer just because I have used it for years.

  5. I like bodybuilding and making of muscles. Thanks for the interesting post !

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