The calm before the storm

I guess I could be talking about the weather.  It’s nice out right now but we’re suppose to get 6-8″ of snow tonight ugh…What i’m really talking about is my legs.  I used a cardio machine i’ve never used before so that’s a great way to insure some soreness tomorrow.

What is your favorite piece of cardio equipment?  Mine is still the treadmill


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  1. fitlizzio

    what did you think of that machine?? they just got it at my gym and it is so weird!! haha

    • It was weird. At first I was using it like a stepper and then realized you could use it like an elliptical too HA!

  2. fave piece of cardio equip…none!
    i either run or walk outside, even if it’s raining or freezing. or I just do yoga 🙂 usually, the yoga!

  3. Been on that before and lost my rhythm a few times..ended up looking like an ass:)

  4. Love the post-workout soreness!
    ❤ jess

  5. I have that ellipical at my gym too and I had never used it until yesterday it was crazy! its like an elliptical and stair stepper all in one!! I really likeed it it was a nice change

    I much prefer to run outside when running but do the dreadmill in the cold months….I LOVE spin bikes 🙂

  6. I think the treadmill is my gym machine of choice, but today I switched up my cardio and used the rowing machine. I’ll probably be sore tomorrow!

  7. I tried that machine the other day and it just confused me. I got off. Lol. Then I jumped to my favorite machines – the treadmill. The stairmaster/elliptical are close seconds though. I’ve only been on the stairmaster a few times but man, it gets me sweating like no other!

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