I still can’t find pumpkin anywhere.  I’m going through withdrawals.


HUGE snowstorm here in Indiana.  My weight was 122 this morning WTF???  I think it could be from the sodium in the salmon packet I ate yesterday. 


I did Cathe’s Kickbox workout from her CTXpress series this morning.  It was fun.  Later today will be bis/tris.


I‘ve discovered a new protein powder.  Yes, I discovered it.  No one has known about this until I found it.  I’m only kidding.  Seriously though this stuff rocks!  It is made with Stevia also…BONUS!  Here are the flavors i’ve tried.

  • Cinnamon Bun – ordered 2 lb tub
  • Rocky Road – sample, buttery mmm….
  • Chocolate – taste great! (sample)
  • Vanilla – actually liked it for vanilla (sample)
  • Vanilla Ice Cream – nothing to brag about (sample)
  • Strawberry Banana – put this in my oats YUM! (sample)
  • Chocolate Mint – 2 lb tub, so good made into ice cream!
  • Cake Batter – you know this is good plus no sucralose!

Thanks for the samples MGN!  I am an active member of a forum where me and some other fitness guys and gals talk back and forth.  I’ve got them hooked as well.  They said peanut butter is amazing  so now I must buy some 🙂  We are buying the place out.  You can get it HERE.  It’s great to bake with as well.


Mike has been shoveling the driveway for an hour and still isn’t finished….poor guy.


Did you get snow?



  1. ana

    what a cuteeeee pic!

  2. Snow? What is snow? 🙂

    April..I am drooling over the cake batter stuff? Wonder if I could try a sample…I need a new protein powder:)

    We have Clear blues skies and 55 degrees!


  3. Hmmm.. I’ve never seen that protein powder before, but I like the stats! NTM the kind I have right now SUCKS. Or I guess I should say “chokes” because that’s what I have to do to get it down. If only I could win that Click giveaway…. 😉

  4. Oh, No! I hope you find your pumpkin. I’ve been looking around for it too.

  5. Nope. NO snow here whatsoever. Lol But then, I’m just being silly cos Singapore never gets snow. It’s pretty much 30 deg Celsius on average most days. Hope you’re wrapped up nice and warm and that you manage to find your pumpkin soon! I’ve got my fingers crossed for you!


  6. April- I found it last week. I am about to ship you a case myself…LOL.

    If you don’t find it let me know. I will get you a few cans. A girl cannot be deprived of her pumpkin.

  7. Surprisingly we have no snow! I just escaped DC this week before they got another Snowpacylypse. It is just lightly snowing right now…..
    You know I’m not doing any protein powders at the moment, but I do love Lean Dessert by BSN when I do and also- holy Cow Nectar Cappuccino is AWESOME!! 80 calories, no carbs, no fat and it’s like COFFEE!

  8. cinny bun protein. girl. I’m so into the sounds of that! 🙂

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