Salt truck and mailboxes

I ended up enjoying myself last night despite an Indianapolis loss. I am paying for it this morning.  I seriously felt hungover.  I didn’t even eat that much dessert and that’s usually what does it. I did have this dip and I could tell Frank’s was in it.  Me +  SO DEE UM =

Needless to say, I didn’t check myself before I wrecked myself….OY!


It was a BLUE party!

No babies were harmed…she actually liked it.

That was my view of the game.  I didn’t mind.  I’m not a big sports watcher.  I do however know all the rules etc…not sure why?  My dad is a big sports fan so it must be in the genes.

Not part of the Blue crew.

The Colts gave it their best shot.  Better luck next year BLUE!!!  Anyone want Kendra’s beau Hank Baskett?  He blew the game IMHO.


The snow is melting and I can see the mailboxes in our neighborhood again.  Just in time for more snow tomorrow.


What do you do when you’ve eaten too much and feel it the next day?  I typically drink LOTS of water, cut back on the carbs and get in a great workout.  I did have a good leg workout earlier and am feeling a bit better.



  1. I love the decorations!! Hope you feel better tomorrow 🙂

  2. OMG! Your hair got so long 🙂 Love it!!!! Sorry….nothing to do with your post though 😦 LOL!!

    Party looked fun…and blue 🙂

  3. oh look! Im not a little purple monster anymore on my avi 🙂

  4. fitlizzio

    hahaha the picture of the foot is hilarious.

  5. I’m glad that my family is not into sports.. it seems so stressful! haha. I usually do the same stuff as you after eating too much!

  6. Marthab

    Lot’s of lemon water and green tea.

    Glad your feet don’t look like that. 🙂

  7. I feel bad for the colts, and Hank but it is what it is.Whatever that means:)

    Glad you had fun at your shindig.


  8. What IS that picture up top from? It scares me in a way…!
    What do I do the day after? Pretend it never happened. Destroy all evidence and don’t talk about it.
    😉 I’m serious. hahaha

    • I like that!!!

  9. you look awesome in all your blue 🙂

  10. Sorry, I was pulling for the saints 😉

  11. Margarita

    I will take Reggie Busch any time! 😉 I was rooting for Saints, of course…

    I hear ya about the “food hang-over”. I felt the same last Tuesday after eating my BDay cake on Monday! What did I do later that day – eat some more crap! On day 3 – refer to what Kelly said! 😀 And I too drink a ton of AVC/Lemon/GTE mix as well as focus on my workouts and enjoying clean foods. Give it couple of days – you’ll feel better. Sometimes, a girl just needs to get loose, ya know! 😉

  12. what a great lookin party! I typically just try to drink water and get in a good workout!

  13. What a beautiful baby girl!

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